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5 Things Expats Should include in Their Exit Strategy - when Living and Working Abroad Goes Wrong

What gets missed, in the excitement and enthusiasm of relocating overseas, achieving your dream of Living and Working Aboard, investing in overseas property and business, is an exit strategy. 

We all get carried away with something new, something exciting, and can easily allow our common sense to be left on the beach while we go in search of promised new lands, home and work abroad. But what then? How do we get back home? What if the dream fails?

Here’s a check list of 5 things for expats to include in their exit strategy.


2017 Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns and Payment Now Due

2017 Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns and Payment Now Due

The tax return deadline is 31/7/17 for 017 Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns and Payment Now Due. 

If you have yet to make a return then you have a month left to complete the return and make any tax due without penalty.


The Cyprus temporary tax return is an estimate of income tax due for the current year and is due from 1st July.

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Countries UK Expats Get State Pension Indexing

ProACT are Expat Experts for people Living and Working Abroad

when Considering a retirement location there are many things to consider.


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UK state pensions retain indexing for Expats Living and Working Abroad in The following Countries.

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 Pension indexing 161101

The EEA countries are:

Bank Deposit Guarantees for Cyprus Banks

Have you ever wondered how safe your Cyprus Bank Deposits are ? Are you fearful of the 2013 Cyprus banking collapse and loss of investor deposits. ? If a bank fails how long before you get your money back. 

Here's an outline of how Cyprus Bank deposits are covered. Note these are an EU standard and apply to other EU banks with minor local variations. 

Safer Than a Bank

Everyday Steps Forward

  Everyday Steps Forward

Repeating High Productivity Habits Each Day Takes You Step by Step Towards Your Goals. Repeat.

Living and Working Abroad

Just finished workout day 1044 with Seven!


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Brexit Ends Political Union Not Global Trade & Tax Links

Brexit ends political union but not trade links. Many UK businesses are owned by overseas investors.

This slanted video does not bring up say Cadbury's or Liverpool FC owned by Americans

It doesn't highlight the Business Owned overseas by UK business. The Footsie 100 is filled with overseas invested Business.

EU Brexit for Expats - Cyprus Solution

EU Brexit for Expats - Cyprus Solution

EU Brexit for Expats contains many uncertainties. Expats are concerned to know with cettainty how they will be affected.

Come January 2017 EU Brexit is given momentum by the Trump factor as the new USA president shakes things up globally.  The consensus politics of the world are being disrupted and new paradigms are being set.

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Property Rental & Tax Disclosure

Property Rental & Tax Disclosure

If you are advertising your overseas property rental on third party property rental sites, that service is now required under 'know your client rules' to record your tax number as the landlord.

This is part of Common exchange of information ruleswing introduced globally and company and individual beneficiaries are nowrequire you to now disclose  

6 Reasons to Make a Will for Overseas Property Investment

6 Reasons to Make a Will for Overseas Property Investment

What gets missed, in the excitement and enthusiasm of Overseas Property Investment is the exit strategy if something goes wrong. Over 20 years we have seen many examples where Family, Health, Business issues goes wrong or just change, leading to expense delay and taxes in order to sell an Overseas Property Investment and or Relocate back home.

Our deep understanding helps us guide Expats Living and Working Abroad, or investing in Overseas Property protect the Family Assets and help avoid cost, delay and tax when difficult times arise.


We have created a Free Article for you to Read and Share;- 6-reasons-to-make-a-will-for-overseas-property-investment

Will You Wait for the Date?

Will You Wait for the Date?

When you consider relocation the first thing you consider is somewhere to live. The second is to manage your income, whether from pension, investments, business or as a contractor. When you make the move to become an expat you get busy making local registrations for everything from electricity to visas, tax to social club, bank accounts to medical. We understand this.

Will You Wait for the Date? ProACT Sam Orgill gives 5 Actions to Protect your Overseas Property Investment from Expenses Plus Capital + Inheritance Tax Savings


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3 Big Tax Savings for the Family of Overseas Property Investors

3 Big Tax Savings for the Family of Overseas Property Investors

Have you ever had the experience in your family where someone died, or divorced, or remarried leading to a family dispute arose over Property.  Where someone within the family fears losing their share of an inheritance, or want to grab it, at the expense of the family membersintended or rightfully beneficiaries.

I have and it is so sad. The loved ones, and future generations, you tried to protect and secure, see their home and finacial security undermined with the family squabble. This is why we make a will or consider life time gifts to ensure your wishes are carried out.

EU Changes to Succession

Changes in European Laws of succession have thrown any plans made up in the air. Expats owning Overseas Property in an EU country could now be subject to forced heirship where only blood or married relatives can benefit - leading to confusion and disputes down the line.

Unmarried couples, children of second marriages, divorced partners, second marriage couples have now got to review there overseas property ownership or risk loss of assets and wealth when something changes.


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Start With a Bang - Be Good This Week

 Start With a Bang

Be Good This Week



Start With a Bang

Be Good This Week

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