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Living and Working Abroad Webinar - Live

Live on Thursday 26th July

Join us on the last Thursday of every month for our live webinar on Facebook.

ProACT Sam Orgill updates residency options for Expats following the July UK White Paper on EU Brexit

We May have a clear direction but the big game players are out for the Game of Trade finale later this year. 

The EU launch a ‘free trade zone’ with Japan, coming off the subs bench to replace the UK? Or will they be Trumped and the EU be treated as the enemy of free trade ?

Big business and global politicians and their best interests are filling the airways, lobbying for their vested business interests. 

Expats may not Care for that - being more concerned on how they can continue Living and Working Abroad, connecting families across countries and continents. 

ProACT Sam bring clarity to Events. World Treaties and conventions on travel, migration, Trade and tax already exist. 

With or without the EU Brexit Expats will still be able to live, work, retire, study or just join family.

Join us Live on the 26th July at 5PM Cyprus time, 3PM UK time.