4 Actions for UK - Cyprus Expats to do this New Year

ProACT sam identifies 4 Actions for UK Expats to take control of their borders - with or without EU Brexit. 

There are 60,000 UK expats living and working in Cyprus who want certainty. Rather than wait for the politicians we could act on the known certainties. Take control of your borders and freedom to live, travel work abroad. 

4 Actions to Take this New Year. 

1. Cyprus are allowing quick and easy ‘permanent residence ‘ status to UK Expats. This is a 10 year visa allowing free movement between uk and Cyprus and right to live and stay cyprus. 

2. Cyprus also encourage duel citizenship applications after 7 years residency. So any UK Expat  getting the Permanent residency before 29/3/19 has a roadmap to remaining living and working in Cyprus indefinitely. 

3. The UK government have released advice confirming they will GUARANTEE all EU expats in the UK at 29/3/2019 - even with no deal - have the right to apply for settled status and remain in the uk - with their family - for their lifetime 

4. UK Cyprus have a new double taxation treaty from January 2019. The plan is to tax expat public pensions at source - those paid from uk government, local authority and military. This would be a massive tax hike  for UK Expats Living Abroad in Cyprus with public service pensions. 

This plan was changed just before Christmas. To allow UK Expats to remain taxed in Cyprus on their pensions at only 5%. 

This requires action by UK Expats. If you don’t elect to be taxed in Cyprus you will be taxed on your UK pension at UK rates. The election must be made before the start of the tax year.

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