ProACT Partnership Group Standard Terms of Business


·         We aim to offer our clients quality advice with a personal service.  These terms set out the basis upon which we accept your initial instruction and any further instructions. 

·         We will take your instructions, make initial proposals to you, prepare and submit documents and reports as well as organise and coordinate your affairs with agreed third parties. 

·         If you request further services they can be done by signed letter of instruction under these same standard terms of business.

·         Please remember that we rely on you to ensure that you provide us with all relevant information that we need.  You should let us know immediately of any change in circumstances which might affect the service and advice we provide to you.


·         Represent your interests and keep your business confidential. 

·         Treat your personal data with great care. We will not exchange information with any other person or organisation unless we have your written agreement.

·         Keep you regularly informed of progress and when you are likely to next here from us.

·         Try to avoid using technical language when writing to you.

·         Deal with your correspondence and queries promptly; for example we will always try to return your telephone calls on the same day and enquiries with 72 hours


·         You have signed a letter of client instruction to us and we have accepted this instruction on the basis we will carry out your instructions under these terms of business.

·         Any revisions to the original instructions or additional or new instructions should also be confirmed in writing


·         The ProACT Partnership office is run by Sam Orgill and he is the Consultant responsible for the completion of your instructions.

·         At the commencement of work on your behalf you will be given the name of an administrator who will be responsible for carrying out your instructions and this is the person should you contact for any matters arising while we carry out your instructions.


·         We will give you the best information possible about our likely charges at the commencement of any instruction you give us.

·         When we agree a fixed fee for the work to be done on your behalf we will try to anticipate and include all disbursements taxes and fees at the outset.

·         If any unforeseen additional expense or fees arise we will obtain your agreement to proceed and request payment.

·         Any fees ProACT Partnership received from third parties are usually retained to cover the costs of work done.

·         Our standard hourly charge for work done by ProACT Partnership under your instruction is GBP 180.00 or 240.00 Euro.


·         It may be necessary to incur various expenses and disbursements on your behalf directly linked to carrying out your instructions and you will be informed as appropriate and as they arise and be asked to pay these expenses as they arise.


·         Our practice is to request deposit payment at the commencement of work on your behalf and payment on ongoing as time and expense fees are incurred

·         For ongoing work we will send you a regular client statement of costs and fees incurred and may ask you for additional payments on account.

·         As soon as we complete our work on your instructions we will deliver an invoice to you for payment when we have completed time spent on agreed work.  This invoice will be settled from your payment on account where payment has been received if this is not the case our terms of payment are one month from delivery of our bill

·         We provide an ongoing service to all clients and will follow through with any instruction to completion with you.

·         If payment becomes overdue we will charge a late payment fee of 15% of the initial fee for each part month that payment is delayed.

·         We charge VAT where appropriate and charge all client expenses and disbursements directly to clients.


·         We may hold client funds on deposit by agreement.

·         Funds held on deposit will receive an interest credit annually or on completion of your instructions, whichever comes first) equal to that received on our client deposit account.


We will never exchange your personal data with any third party.

·         We will treat all information relating to your matters as confidential.  However, we may disclose such information if you ask us to do so in writing, or it is within the scope of our instructions to do so, or we are permitted or required to do so by law.

·         We will only exchange information and take advice from other professional advisers as agreed in and confirmed in a separate letter of authority from you.

·         We use e-mail as an efficient method of communication.  However, just as with the Royal Mail, there is a risk of interception as well as the additional possibility of hacking by other users on the Internet.  This can put confidentiality at risk.  If you do not wish us to utilise this medium in our business with you, please notify us as soon as possible.

·         We use email to communicate with all clients and correspondents with ProACT Partnership.  We will add you as opt in to our weekly email information newsletters. These emails are only from ProACT and are sent through secure email servers.  We will send confirmation to all people added to these email lists and offer the option to unsubscribe at anytime in all correspondence. Clients always have the option and control of the data and can amend what emails are received and unsubscribe at any time.


·         After completion of the matter we will retain our file of papers and electronic records for not less than six years unless you specifically ask us to send your papers to you on completion.  After six years these papers may be destroyed without reference to you.  We may ask you at any time to take away these papers, failing which we may destroy them after one month. We use a secure storage data centre for any client documents.


·         We have no responsibility or liability to you under these terms of business for any loss or damage caused by us or suffered by you as a consequence of our failure to perform our obligations as a result of any breakdown, failure or malfunction of any telecommunications or computer services or systems, or any other event not reasonably within our control.


·         You may terminate our instructions at any time.

·         In such circumstances we will charge you for the work that has been done for you.

·         We may decline to act for you further if:

     you fail to provide us with adequate information to complete instructions

     you do not pay any bill or request for payment on account in accordance with these terms;

     Any conflict of interest arises or other circumstances occur which we consider makes it inappropriate for us to continue to act for you.

In such circumstances we will charge you for the work that has been done for you.


·         This Terms of Business shall apply to any written or verbal client instructions and agreed actions given by you to us. 

·         Any future instructions should be confirmed in writing to us by email or signed instruction and will be conducted under these terms of business.

·         User of any ProACT website use them under additional terms of business that can be read at

·         For the avoidance of doubt we state that ProACT Partnership Limited does not give legal or investment advice.  We act as administrators and agents for selected third party professional organisations.

·         ProACT Partnership we act as introducers to Alexander Beard Group PLC who are independent financial advisers and give investment advice.

·      ProACT Partnership Group provides services through ProACT Partnership Cyprus Limited, ProACT Partnership Limited, ProACT Expatriate Advice Limited and acts as agent for these legally independent businesses.

·         Your signing of any letter of instruction to us is accepted by us on the basis that the work will completed under these terms of business.

For and on behalf of ProACT Partnership Group of Companies.