6 Benefits for Expats from Higher UK Exchange Rates v Euro

As widely expected  UK interest rates will rise by 0.5% in Early November.  How might this affect expats? The £ Sterling could strengthen against the Euro and Dollar as a result. Although a weak UK economy impacted by EU Brexit uncertainty could continue to see weakness in exchange rates. How will this affect Expats Living and Working Abroad?

6 Benefits for Expats from Higher UK Exchange Rates v Euro

1.   Give greater spending power from UK pension and rental income

2.   Rental Income converted to Euro will increase the net Euro income

3.   Shopping in the Euroland  will be more cheaper for Brits

4.   Overseas Holidays will be cheaper for Brits encouraging more to book overseas holidays and rentals in 2018

5.   Taking Pension Freedom to draw lump sum and convert to Euro will generate more Euros to spend

6.   Euro based Overseas Property and Business Investment will cost less £GBP for Overseas Investors

EU Brexit for Expats could impact in many area – we can help and guide you all the way.

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