No Deal Could Bring Certainty for Expats

ProACT Sam asks is there light at the end of the EU Brexit Tunnel for Expats

For months now we have been saying there is no such thing as ’no deal’ in any negotiation. The EU Brexit deal is overwhelmed with vested political and business interests.

What is unresolved is the future trading agreement between the EU and the UK.

The Withdrawal Treaty seems to me to only serve to prolong the uncertainty, confusion and delays for everyone.

For the duration of a Tranistion period to Dec 2020 and beyond, Expats will still be uncertain about their long term future for residency, medical, business property and pensions.

World Trade Organisation Treaties

There is no such thing as no deal 

WTO exist and require the EU to work with UK (and any other country in the world) on this basis WTO rules.

With no withdrawal treaty, Brexit would focus minds of negotiators to get on with agreements for family and business Living and Working Abroad. Expats want to know the future certainties regarding their:

  • Property Ownership

  • Business Ownership

  • Migration rules

  • Residency Requirements 

  • Social insurance agreements for medical and pensions

  • Trading Rules

  • Custom rules

Sample Checking - Check Out

One big vested interest is the EU budgetary hole when the UK leave. Better the UK stay a while for the EU.

Hence the fuss about customs checks and trade agreements.

Yet currently Rotterdam, the biggest port in the world,  check only 2% non eu goods coming into the EU.

When presented with the doomsday scenario of product shortages because of no customs deal, we should understand this is based upon the assumption the EU would  check 100% of UK goods at the EU border for 10 minutes?


Waffle as a food is consumed around the world.  It originates in Belgium and France though, two founding fathers of the EU.

To cut the waffle for the UK debate, then maybe the UK should choose no deal. The UK have legalisation that says they will leave the EU on 29/3/19. With ‘no deal’ then we could adopt the new reality now, and those in political power can get on with making the adjustments and changes required to move forward.

If the UK choose to follow EU rules, while outside the EU, solutions and ways forward could be agreed. Deal with the everyday important issues first, rather than the big bank all or nothing approach which only serves the vested political and business interests, and the status quo.

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