If It’s Not Working Revise Change Adapt

ProACT Sam Update on EU Brexit for Expats 

Sometimes when what you are trying is just not working the the laws of science may mean you need to change tact. 

If something just breaks the laws of the land, science or society ensure that ultimately the endeavour will fail. You can drag it out, enforce a regime, attempt to enforce. It will fail. 

We all understand speeding on the roads is breaking the law and will incur a penalty. 

If you are trying to escape earth’s gravity scientists can tell you exactly how much energy you need to get into orbit and stay there. 

It’s the same in society. Whatever your group - a family, village, team, town, region or country - there are a set of norms that the ‘common will’ of the people will protect. 

If you try radical change they will resist, if you threaten them they will fight back. 

The resistance maybe passive or upfront. A 2 year old will say ‘no’ a teenage will ignore and go off on another track. 

Starting Point 

In your family, business or community you could agree a way forward, a development goal, a relocation. 

The most important step is the first one. Agreeing with everyone so that everyone buys into the objectives. 

This could require leadership, an inspiring call to action. 

It could entail listening and developing a consensus. 

It may require a vote and acceptance of the majority decision. 

If the initial plan is not acceptable to the whole group, if it is weighted in favour of one group or another, if it exploits or favours some, then the plan will fail. No matter how hard you try. 

Lines in the Sand 


And so it is with EU Brexit for Expats. 

May set her red lines, her consensus that was acceptable to her constituents - UK MPs

The EU accepted that but demanded their own conditions. 

These conditions were set by the EU, by vested business and political interests in the EU. The conditions they set were not compatible with May’s agreement with her constituents. 

Even so she attempted in her ill fated Chequers summit to enforce acceptance of the revised terms she had accepted. 

The EU then hard-balled the negotiation by insisting this Withdrawal Agreement could not be changed. 

May persisted driving down a road that lead to failure. 

Sands in the Wind of Time 

The EU don’t care, they want the status quo for their big business and political ambitions. They don’t want the change Brexit brings. 

The Roman, Ottoman, British, Soviet Empires fell. Chinese, Persian and Egyptian dynasties crumbled. 

Whither the EU?

And now May finds a dead end and new leadership is required. 

Theresa May has declared she will try and achieve her ambition of Brexit as set out in the terms of her Withdrawl Treaty as imposed by the EU. 

There is a final episode in sight with a final June Parlimentary vote. 

A final battle in which the walls of the red keep of Downing Street May come tumbling down around her surrounded by the negotiating team she loves. 

Spring into Summer Timetable

Time will not wait on May. EU Parlimentary elections go ahead May 23rd . 

The Brexit Party is ahead in the polls. 

The people’s EU vote one way or another will be the decisive call to action for the UK parliament’s June vote. 

If passed there is time to effect the Withdrawal Treaty and leave the EU before the summer recess of UK Parliment. 

If rejected again there is time to elect a new leader to replace Mrs May before Summer. 

That then leaves only September and October for the UK sand EU to find a common way forward or to accept a version of Brexit with no Withdrawl Treaty and instead a host of new post Brexit bilateral agreements between the UK and EU or separate sovereign countries. 

All this in time for Halloween. 

Same But Different

EU Brexit for Expats covers many aspects of life as do International treaties for Expats Living and Working Abroad outside the EU. 

The EU has to abide by international treaties in travel and taxation for example. 

The EU has its own rules and a high tariff trade barriers to non EU countries. 

They can make a ‘no tariff agreement’ with lets say Japan, to replace the UK, that results in EU car plants being closed by Japanese firms - there is no tariff cost saving anymore for big Japanese Motor Business anymore. 

Brexit will mean change for all Expats, not necessarily good or bad but always different. 

This is the one certainty Expats May have in 2019. 

The rest is about looking forward to protect the future of family, business and prosperity for Expats Living and Working Abroad. 

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