EU Brexit for Expats - Nothing is Impossible

ProACT Sam reflects on a week of the possible

EU Brexit for Expats is relevant to Expats Living and Working Abroad in the EU affecting many aspects of life for Family and Business. 

EU health care agreements is an area of concern. 

Can Expats have their say in the UK May EU Parliamentary vote?

Final Day Postponed

Brexit is postponed. Nothing over until it till over. 

29th March becomes 31st October Brexit Day. 

Many fear this could be a nightmare with many dead lines along the way. 

Brexit could happen on 1st of any month before then if the Withdrawal Treaty as it stands is accepted in the UK. 

Something that seems impossible after last weeks events at local elections. 

That is, unless the EU move their position and amend the Withdrawal Treaty. Unlikely but not impossible if a new commission comes in June and redirects their negotiation team. 

Seemingly impossible is a no deal Brexit being agreed by the UK MPs. 

Especially after the local council elections in the UK indicate Labour are unlikely to win any general election before Halloween. 

It would be a dead end for them. Labour may judge it better to get Brexit over the line, by agreeing this May Withdrawal Treaty, before pushing for a general election in 2020. 

No One Wins 

There is a no deal Brexit certainty 2 cliff edge dates. Firstly, if the UK don’t participate in the European MP elections in May then No Deal Brexit will proceed automatically before the new EU Parliament sits in June. Secondly if the Withdrawal Treaty is not agreed before the 31st October deadline.

EU May Day. 

Hence the seemingly impossible announcement that May will see MEP elections in the UK. This election could become a people’s vote and both sides will promote their vested interest and opinions. 

It could be ignored by the May Government in the stubborn belief she will agree the impossible dream of passing her Withdrawl Treaty. 

EU Turkey Divide

Ataturk led the rejuvenation of the Turkish Ottoman Empire after the First World War decimation. The Young Turks inspired the creation of a new Turkey as a modern Republic throwing of the shackles of its historic past. 

But here’s a question, is Turkey in or out of Europe ?

Part in and part out. There is an EU trade agreement but they are not members of the EU. 

The capital Istanbul is in Europe and Asia and straddles the border between two continents. 

As we saw in 2005 the impossible can happen at the margins of Europe with narrow dividing lines between failure and success. 

This week we have seen impossible dreams in Europe achieved. Liverpool, capital of North Wales, capital of Ireland, in this British Isles achieved the impossible in Europe and found a way to resolve the most difficult of European challenges. 

Tottenham left it to the last minute to find a final solution to all them to move forward.

So May Be May can find an EU way to cross the divide.

Can Expats Vote in the UK-EU Elections

The next episode in the Brexit game of thrones is the European Parliament Vote in May. 

Can Expats have their say? 

Yes they can.

Expats able to vote ?

Some EU Expats in the UK can vote in the UK for the EU elections. 

You may be surprised who can.

All citizens of the UK can vote who are: 

      • Over 18

      • Resident and 

      • British Citizens 

      • Irish Citizens

      • Maltese Citizens

      • Cyprus Citizens

Irish Citizens can vote in the UK through the bilateral agreements between Ireland and UK that predate the EU. 

Maltese and Cypriot Expats in the UK can Vote in the EU elections because those countries belong to the commonwealth. 

Not all UK Expats can vote in the UK election. 

If an Expat is registered to vote within the last 15 years, UK Expats can still participate in the vote there, even if not resident. 

UK expats who have let voting rights lapse and are not resident cannot have a say. 

The Impossible May Happen

No Deal Brexit won’t happen because the UK will now run an EU election in May. This buys time for more negotiation to amend and or accept the Withdrawal Treaty, up to the night before Halloween. So there will be no impossible victor in this battle- that final is still to come in June or beyond.

Expat Healthcare in Cyprus
1.99 4.99

Healthcare in Cyprus is changing. 

From 26th of April 2019 the doors will open on Cyprus’ National Health Service.

This is a completely new service that has been in preparation for a number of years, including massive business and structural changes.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need, as an expat to access the health service.