EU Brexit for Expats - Tears of Joy

ProACT Sam with 10 Dates to Countdown to Brexit Big Bang

In a year of transition ahead for Expats, with profound changes in Europe, the UK and the world as we know it.

Who will win in the final battles to come?

After the long winter we now begin the final series to establish who will reign supreme. Who will be left standing in the Brexit game of thrones.

Many predicited the world would end if no deal brexit went ahead on 29th March or 12th April. It didnt, but a little piece of Europe and France went up in flames on the 15th April with the destruction of Notre Dame. 

No one can predict the outcome and who will triumph in the great war to sit on the iron throne.


Starting at the Spring Easter holiday of renewal and rebirth we can look forward to a new Brexit day at Halloween - when all the demons and darkness and the long winter decends upon us. 

Will it herald a bright new world for Expats? We can look forward to the calendar dates ahead for the actions Expats can take to protect their Property, Business, Investments and Pensions Living and Working Abroad.

Brexit Year - The Final Countdown - 10 Dates for your Diary

1. 31st October - Brexit Day is changed to this final date - with or without deal signed, or is it?

2. 'The Deal' is the Withdrawal Treaty as drafted, this needs to be agreed by Parliment in the UK & EU, in order to be signed off by the two governments

3. 1st of next month. The UK Parliment can 'pass' the Withdrawl Treaty at any time, allowing for Brexit at the end of that month

4. June 23rd is the 3rd anniverary of the UK Brexit Referendum - Expect some fireworks around that day.

5. May 31st - If the UK don’t do EU Parlimentary Elections then the UK is kicked out of the EU with No deal on 31/5/19

7. May 23rd EU MP Election Day, expect big battles as a mini referendum and peoples vote on Brexit, its too good an opportunity to miss, right? 19th May is also the finale of Game of Thrones....

8. May 2nd is UK local elections, will this see any political backlash and message to the UK MP's in parliment to make a decision?

9. April 21st Easter Sunday (or the 28th if using the Julian Calendar). A time of peace, joy and no brexit news.

10. April 15th - Notre Dame Destroyed in fire. Will this iconic European landmark's destruction change the course of Brexit and the EU? 

In Till Out Out

The UK is in the EU until it is out. Until that date EU Expats in the UK and UK Expats in the EU have a chance to plan ahead to secure residence, property and business.

Many businesses and governments are ready for a 'no deal' Brexit, this may become an easier option with the extended time of the delayed Brexit.

Concensus may break out in the UK, but May be the leader is deposed and a new UK prime Minister changes the UK approach. This could come through party politics, the planned elections, or a new UK general election.

A new EU Commission and Parliment members could change the dynamic, one way or the other.

Expats should note the 'transition period' following the withdrawal treaty is not being extended, it remains December 2020. During this period a new trade agreement between the EU and UK is to be created. This is the nub of the issue, the confusion and delay.

No Pulling Back

The EU claim they will not alter the terms of the withdrawal treaty. The UK don’t trust the EU to act in good faith with the next negotiation. The EU can't start to negotiate trade deals with the UK until after Brexit - unless there is a change of EU rules.

The EU have already moved, the EU and UK want a deal. 

Despite all that is said, the withdrawl treaty has to be re-opened and amended because it contains 3 references to Brexit date being 29/3/2019. 

Why not for other reasons?

So there is lots to play for in the brexit game of thrones - this will be a year of tears and joy. 

6 Step Checklist for Expats to Plan Ahead

During the extension Expats have additional time to prepare and consider:

  1. Securing residency rights in the UK, EU and Cyprus to Live and Work Abroad

  2. Organise driving licences, medical cover, and social insurance rights

  3. Registering and organising business to work cross border after Brexit, to specific countries or the whole EU, or the UK

  4. Make a Settled Status application for residency in the UK

  5. Relocate before Brexit Date to take advantage of delayed Brexit Date.

  6. Update ownership and protection of assets overseas - Property, Wills, Company, Business can be protected against the legal changes of Brexit.

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