EU Brexit for Expats - No Change Today Though the Love Has gone Away

EU Brexit for Expats - No Change Today Though the Love Has Gone Away

Sam Orgill ProACT PArtnership Expatriate Advice on What is the Same Today

If we look back 100 years, the Austro-Hungarian Empire still existed, and a Tsar was Empire of Russia. Before 1908 you got on your horse, there were no motor cars for the masses, this modern necessity only arrived with the Ford model T introduced that year. Powered flight started in this period. Freedom of movement meant that people were no longer tied to live and work within walking distance. Much has changed over the last 100 years in security, trade, lifestyle and politics.  We are still here, and better off.

The rules will change for the UK and EU whether Brexit Lite or Brexit Full emerges in the coming years.  What we know today is:

1.    Nothing changes today for Expats Living and Working Abroad – in the UK or in the EU.

2.    UK is legally bound within the EU law, these will protect the rights of expats

3.    Change is inevitable for EU Expats whatever happens.  More counties could join. Treaties could change again. Maybe to accommodate the EU Brexit ?

4.    Look at Expats living and working abroad outside the EU, these communities are thriving but with different rules.  The world of Expats doesn’t need the EU. Nothing changes for non EU expats.

5.    British Expats Living and Working Abroad in the EU may consider or be better served by returning to the UK. Some will be unaffected.

6.    Global trade and tax rules will still allow ATM’s, Bank Transfers, Double Taxation Treaties, pensions and overseas property ownership to continue.  Cyprus and other countries will continue to welcome EU and non EU business investment and tourism.


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