Expat Tax Saving Checklist

Expat Tax Saving Checklist

Sam Orgill of ProACT Partnership with Tax Saving Tips for Expats

Expat Savers can make more tax savings following changes in the UK and Cyprus Taxes.

Tax Savings can extend to inheritance following changes to Wills and Inheritance tax rates in the UK.

Cyprus Tax on Savings

If you are Cyprus Tax resident but not domiciled in Cyprus, then you have 0% Saving taxes (Defence Levy) to pay. This tax saves 30% on interest and 17% on dividends. Whether the income is earned in Cyprus or abroad.

If you pay 30% tax at source in Cyprus banks you can apply to have this paid gross.

If you earn interest abroad, declare on your Cyprus return to confirm the 0% Cyprus tax rate. Then you can reclaim tax in from the other country if the double taxation treaty allows.

The same with dividends: declare them in Cyprus for 0% tax rate; reclaim any tax at source if allowed.

*Tax Saving Tip: *Ask ProACT for tax saving returns and rebates.

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