German Business Under Attack In Brexit Pincer Movement 

ProACT Sam highlights how German industry is being squeezed coming up to the 18th October EU Summit meeting at which the UK and EU could agree a withdrawal treaty or not.

German Export Trade 

German exports of $186 billion dollars to USA & UK could be hit by WTO tariffs if the EU doesn’t agree a way forward for UK brexit.

The WTO world trade organisation has been investigating the EU for 15 years over state airline subsidies and ruled in favour of the USA enabling them to apply $7.5bn of tariff.

The USA choose to announce they intend to apply them from 18th October 2019.

Deal or No Deal

18th October is the summit date at which a withdrawal treaty or no deal Brexit could be agreed.

If the UK leaves with no deal WTO will apply to German Exports to the UK.

Transition Time 

If a withdrawal treaty is agreed the UK and EU go into transition time allowing an extended period to 31st December 2020 where there is status quo for UK-EU trade while a trade deal is agreed.

It might allow the USA to grant time to EU to negotiate a settlement on their tariff dispute.

Reciprocal Benefits 

Could this help make a reciprocal agreement for 31st October Brexit Withdrawal by the UK?

Trade still needs to be discussed after the UK leaves the EU. Brexit happening could give more certainty to Expat Business Living and Working Abroad in the EU.

ProACT Know How

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Reciprocal Expat Residency Rights
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ProACT Sam looks forward to solutions rather than vested interests dominating the mass debates around EU Brexit for Expats.

How can Expats secure Residency Rights and Benefits using Reciprocity in behind the scenes changes pending Brexit? 

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Expat Healthcare in Cyprus
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Healthcare in Cyprus is changing. 

From 26th of April 2019 the doors will open on Cyprus’ National Health Service.

This is a completely new service that has been in preparation for a number of years, including massive business and structural changes.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need, as an expat to access the health service.

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