How to Enjoy Today, and Every Day Life More

How to Enjoy Today, and Every Day Life More - With an Overriding Focus In the Moment - Be There

Are you preparing your schedule for the day and week ahead planning what to do?

Do you find yourself imagining how it will go?

We all do. We anticipate with excitement, hope, fear or anxiety how our plans will turn out.  Hoping they turn out for the best. 

If you always want to have a positive outcome this can be achieved - absolutely.  And here’s how. 

Do Your Best at the Time

However the meeting, party, bbq, application, game, wedding, interview, goes you could choose to never fail. The outcome may not be what you want , but you take care to then reflect and learn from the experience.  

Anything we set out to do gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. 

If we choose to go through the motions, or hold back, then we let the opportunity go by for ourselves, our family, our team  

If we cannot progress we don’t get better at our job, our sport, our hobby, our family skills, our relationship skills, our studies.  

That could lead to life that passes you by or disappoints. 

Focus at the Time

Even more. If we don’t focus on what we are doing at the time, we let life pass us by. 

We only have today,  and this moment. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow has not arrived. 

We could worry about the past, or be excited about the future , But first, and above all we must first enjoy today, this moment, each moment of each day. 

If we have chosen one thing to do today, then turn up. Immerse youself in that event. Whether family, work or hobby. Pay attention to the people and world around you. The sight, sounds and feelings. Experience, learn, enjoy.  

There is a world to experience out there. Enjoy Today. Learn.

Then there is tomorrow. 

Always Have Overriding Focus In the Moment - Be There



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