EU Brexit - Land of Hope and Glory ?

Sam ORGILL of ProACT Partnership looks at the cultural basis that could turn England's Green and Pleasant lands into a Land of Hope and Glory (Noting its about Britain)

England’s Green and Pleasant Lands

Stone Age Britain shows already trade was vibrant across the Celtic world including the British Isles and Europe. The Celts in the Western French region of ‘Petit Breton’ traded openly with the Celts in ‘Grand Breton’.  Hence the evolution of Great Britain.

The Romans followed and established the road network in England and Wales, and the regional capitals of London, Winchester, York, Leicester, Durham, Chester and Norwich.

The Huns finished off the Roman Empire. Britain became attractive lands to raid and settle for the German Angles and Saxons, the Vikings from Denmark and Norway, while the ruling classes of England remained entwined with the Franks and Normans of French. The British were consigned to Wales and the West and the Scots remained Walled off.

Angland developed its unique language English, half German, half French, with regional accents derived from the Vikings in the east and north, and French and Germans in the south. England retained control of Calais on the continent until 1558 having already  lost control of Gascony and Brittany. 

Land of Hope and Glory

EU Brexit heralds a place in the World for Britain based upon the commonwealth nations around the world.  Free Trade agreements with historic allies and new ones, in the new world,  could replace the EU with full EU Brexit.

Expats live outside EU before Brexit, and those Expats living in the EU have to adapt to the changing relationship. Historic ties with countries like Cyprus, Malta offer the opportunity for a return to the arrangements between the UK before they joined the EU.

Trade relations diminished by the UK joining the EU with India, Australia and Canada could be renewed. 


World in Motion ?

Whether Britain stays in the EU, chooses EU lite or leaves entirely, the world will change. World tax and trade agreements have had a big impact already on our lives over the years. Technology changes the way we do things, and makes whole industries and lifestyles different ( the smart phone through the iPhone was only introduced 10 years ago).

Living and Working Abroad for Expats just became a bigger adventure. Consider your way forward and how to best protect your lifestyle and your family.


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