Naturalisation - A Process for Expats to Protect Residency Rights

ProACT Sam launches a guide to residency that cuts through the noise of vested interests and clarifies how Expats can acquire Citizen Rights for their family and business Living and Working Abroad with or without Brexit around the world.

Download our new guide: Reciprocal Expat Residency Rights 

The EU as a trading block offer an internal market and EU Citizenship freedoms. Within the EU this creates two tiers of Expats - EU and £rd Country Expats - although both can go on to acquire permanent residency, duel citizenship and equivalent citizen rights.


This is the process of naturalisation under international law that allows Expats to acquire equivalent citizen rights in their adopted country of residence. It takes time, certain conditions, and depends also on whether you are investing, working, or retiring. Or if a student, economic migrant or refugee.

Each sovereign country has its own rules, some countries are more welcoming, or attractive to others.


Much Brexit fear is spread regarding the loss of EU Citizen rights, the residency rights of EU Expats that could be lost by individuals.

Politician could embrace a reciprocal agreement that balances everyones needs and protects and guarantees individual citizen rights in a Withdrawal Treaty.

EU UK Expat Family and Business can take action now, and plan ahead to protect their family, business and property across border and down the generations.

Download our new guide: Reciprocal Expat Residency Rights 

You will discover:

  • How politicians could reciprocate

  • How Expats can protect their residency rights

  • How Expats can acquire Permanent Residency

  • Understand the Natural Process to acquire Duel Citizenship

  • How ProACT Know How can help you

ProACT Know How

ProACT Expat Experts are here to help, if you need any help and assistance securing your EU Citizen rights Living and Working Abroad in the UK or EU, contact-us for residency, tax registration, starting a business and protecting assets plus stay in touch with the latest EU Brexit for Expats developments.