The Buyer is Right to Title Deeds

The Buyer is Right

The buyer now has the legal right to request the Land Registry in Cyprus to issue title deeds to the owner of a contract of sale, if they can prove they have paid the seller the monies due under the contract. The land registry will make checks but the only tax to pay after the issue of consent to title deeds  is to pay municipal and immovable property taxes for 14-15-16.

Any taxes the vendor did not pay after the date of contract to 2013 remain with the seller.  They are the taxes of the title deed holder.  The price they pay for not issuing title deeds to you sooner.


Put in Writing

Developers could have created better contracts.  If your contract of sale doesn’t include a contract for paying the yearly taxes of the title deed holder, or for charging for managing communal areas, the buyer has no contractual obligation to pay the sums outstanding. After the title deed is issued you can then choose who manages your communal areas.

Tax Saving Tip: Don’t pay the seller’s tax. Pay yours. 


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