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What clients need to know

If we could predict the future and knew exactly when we were going to die, writing a Will would be a very simple process indeed. But of course, when we write a Will, we are catering not only for the present but as far as possible, the distant future.

Because personal circumstances can vary as time goes on, most people want to write a Will that covers as many different situations as possible.

Most people think in terms of “What happens if...” questions.

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☑ What happens if my wife dies before I do?

☑ What happens if we are both killed together in an accident?

☑ What happens if I leave everything to my son but he dies before I do?

☑ What happens if all my executors die before me?

☑ What happens if my executors don’t want to or are unable to administer my estate?


These are some of the most common questions but this list in different combinations could be endless.

You’ll see how these situations are catered for by ProACT Partnership when we analysis your circumstances and review a typical Will you may already have.

Our style is to produce a specific Will that ensures your wishes are carried out after your death – tax efficiently.

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☑ Yes for each country in which you are buying or own property

☑ Yes to protect your family and love ones

☑ Yes to avoid from forced heirship rules.

☑ Yes if you don’t have any other Will. Don’t let your family lose control of your money and assets if you die abroad.

☑ Yes, to ensure your widow and family don’t have the additional red tape and expense of probate in a foreign country.

☑ Yes, if you want to save £130,000 or more inheritance tax


ProACT Partnership can help with an international UK Will Writing service that includes planning how your Estate secured for your family.

This includes the use of Will’s to save Inheritance Tax and Trusts to avoid Probate Expenses.




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