Our Tax Services

ProACT Expatriate Advice Tax Services can help keep things simple.

Take account of your money and save tax using double taxation treaties.

Living and Working Abroad can be a daunting thing when it comes to red tape and regulations.

Not least when your main priority is to pay less tax!

We help organise your income, your pensions and your investments to maximise tax saving and help ensure you benefit by living and working abroad in low tax Cyprus or other jurisdictions.




Our Tax Services include

  • TAX EFFICIENCY REPORTS for low tax planning for assets and income.

  • ADVICE on low tax strategies for Expats living or working abroad

  • AVOIDING UK Inheritance tax

  • AVOIDING EU Savings tax

  • Starting a BUSINESS, contracting overseas

  • De register from UK Tax

  • Registration for Cyprus Tax

  • Claim Maximum UK Tax Rebates

  • GROSS Pension Payments

  • Annual Tax Return Service - UK and Cyprus

  • Social Insurance & VAT registration & returns

We can save you

  • Hundred’s of pounds in income tax

  • Reclaim thousand’s of pounds from the UK

  • Avoid tens of thousands in inheritance tax.

  • Ensure your business is tax efficient


Inheritance Tax Saving

ProACT Partnership Expatriate Advice Tax Saving Expat Experts Living And Working abroad, relocating overseas, investing offshore for Family, Professionals, Business, Consultants and the Retired

Setting up and running a business is always demanding – even more so abroad!  

ProACT’s Expat Business Network Services offer an accountancy package which is simple and straightforward and helps you get on with making money.

We undertake to complete all applications, returns and include a payment service for self employed, partnership and small businesses.  The Business service also includes advice and meetings.

Our Services include


  • Contractor Service Companies

  • Business Registration

  • Company Formation

  • Offshore Companies

  • Trusts – Cyprus & International

  • Tax Registration & Returns

  • Social Insurance & Returns

  • VAT registration & Returns

  • Annual Returns

  • Book Keeping Services

  • Tax Efficiency Advice


If you wish to instruct us to act under Business Services please contact us to make a review appointment.


To reflect the ongoing nature of ProACT Business Services we normally work on an agreed annual fee payable, monthly, quarterly or annually.

All client instructions are subject to acceptance by us and are carried out under ProACT’s standard terms of business.



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