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 A Family Office taking care of Professionals, Business, Consultants
and the Retired Living and Working Abroad in English

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ProACT Expatriate Advice Tax Saving Expat Experts to assist relocating abroad and offshore investment and property each step of the way using trusted legal & accounting professionals to help your dream of Living And Working abroad become a reality through our the ProACT Team and including online services, Tax Saving Expat Expert blog, innovative thinking, administrative excellence.




How we can help ?


  • Tax Saving Expat Experts

  • Tax Saving Registrations & Returns including Cyprus and UK Online

  • Making a Will

  • Inheritance Tax Saving Investment and Property Trusts & Estates

  • Trust Probate Estate Administration

  • Overseas Property Services Consultants

  • Overseas relocation consultants

  • Immigration and visas,

  • Expatriate healthcare

  • Investing offshore, expatriate pensions 4 Tax Saving,

  • Currency Exchange Savings,

  • Offshore Business Administration Services

  • Expat Business Network including Cyprus & UK


Tax Efficiency

No one wants to pay more tax than they have to.
When moving abroad or investing in property overseas you need to review how to hold assets in order to assets, medical cards, private cover and social insurance.
We can advise on your business start up with professional advice and expertise. Our services include initial registration, ongoing services and returns.
ProACT's family office are with you all the way.

Make you maximize your tax efficiency.
We can assist in advising on how to hold financial and property assets and avoid capital gains, savings and inheritance taxes.

Our expatriate experts can help you reclaim tax deducted on pensions, earnings and savings and complete tax returns and rebates on your behalf.

Business Services

Business start up advice and formations for business people living and working aboard.
Don’t waste money on expensive start ups.
Use ProACT’s professional consultants for cost effective and tax efficient offshore business start ups.

ProACT’s accountancy services offer online software for efficient low cost book keeping, accounts preparation and tax returns.
We cover VAT, Corporation and income tax returns, capital gains and other expatriate business tax services.


Property Investment Advice

ProACT’s Expatriate expertise can provide the professional advice and know how to help you throughthe minefield of immigration, visas, tax...

ProACT’s Property Services offer you professional and independent advice every step of the way. Whether searching for a dream home in the sun or a shared property investment for capital growth and income.
Through our UK partner, Chamberlains Estate Agents we can help list for sale or rent overseas property giving access to UK & Cypriot buyers. Returns and rebates, making a Will to protect you and your family.

A Daily Pursuit of Perfection in What We Do
— Sam Orgill ProACT Partnership

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