FAIRNESS Breaks out from HMRC Tax Man

UK tax return payers have been batter these last two years, especially expats, when £100.00 fines have been imposed for late submission of Tax Returns, followed by interest and further penalities for non compliance.

HMRC have now confirmed that in practice where a reasonable, fair and properoitinatly good reason exisits for the late return they will waive the penalty. As long as the return is made, it is accurate, tax is paid and an appeal is submitted.

As your correspondent can confirm, this if fair given that HMRC UK tax post taxes 6 weeks, to arrive in cyprus, even longer to be delivered, and with a 4 week deadline attached. Plus the instances of short staffing , and 'lost' papers by HMRC creating even more blips.

ProACT Tax Saving Expat Experts regularly challenge the HMRC on these issues of unfairness and often win the refund or waiver of the fee.

Always submit your tax return in good time, and accurately and postal delays will not lead to unfair and punitive fines in the end.

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