Medical Card for Expats Retired and Living and Working Abroad

Expats Retired and Living Abroad can get their state medical cover transferred within the EU. Whats more an EU Health card is available from their home country to give cover throughout the EU and EEA.

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Making a request for S1 (E106 or E121)

HMRC Medical Benefits, Tyneview Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1BA

S1 Retired: Tel: +44 1 912 187 777

S1 Working abroad: Tel: +44 191 218 1999

All applications to request an S1 (E106 or E121) by telephone must be made by the applicant, to the office above.

If you are over state retirement age you can request a transfer of state medical benefits starting with an S1 (E121).

If you are under state retirement age and have recently finished UK employment or self employment which meant your NI contributions are up to date, then you can request an E106 for the maximum period, usually 18 months since you worked.

Always specifically request your spouse is added as a dependent onto the S1 (E106 or E121) if they do not qualify for a form S1 (E106 or E121)in their own right.

Retired expats living abroad, with an S1 issued and registered can then consider Applying for a New EU health Card - State Retired +44 191 218 1999.

This provides 'travel' medical cover across the EU and wider EEA

If living in Cyprus we recommend using the ProACT postal address PO Box 62474, 8065 Paphos, Cyprus

Once we receive the form we will process your application for a Cyprus medical card.

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