3 Things That Make a Team Reliable

 A Reliable Team

Does what it says.

To play the game.

Deliver the package.

Deliver the service. Give Help.

Lead and Direct.

Reliable People  

This Team Consists of Reliable People

A team is the sum of its parts.

A squadron of soldiers.

The Backs. The Forwards.

The customer service delivered by the company is a reflection of that team.

Reliable individuals in the team deliver Reliable service and results. 

Using Common Sense

The individuals in a reliable team have  many decisions to make every day, every game, every shift.

The front line members of the team see first what’s right and what’s wrong for the team to win and for the team to serve.

Which is why the individuals in the team could use common sense as their guide.

If common sense is doing the right thing to the best of your ability then you always progress.

Sometimes progress by moving forward.  Sometimes progress by learning.

Using common sense in decision making leaves you in no doubt, you are being a reliable individual within the team.

A Team Relies On it’s Individuals

The team is reliable because the individuals are reliable.

The customers learn that, know that, trust in that. The fans love you for it. 

The self worth of the team and it’s individuals rises and the team becomes more valuable to clients and owners and the community and the nation.


Common sense really.



A Reliable Team Consists of Reliable People Using Common Sense



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