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[Webinar] Residency Options with EU Brexit for Expats

Find out how EU Brexit will affect expats properties, businesses & pensions in this exclusive webinar and guide from ProACT Sam

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[Vlog & Podcast] Residency Options for Expats with EU Brexit

ProACT Sam Orgill updates residency options for Expats following the July UK White Paper on EU Brexit

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Compassion Requires Understanding

If you don’t ask, do not listen or search you will not gain understanding of the world around you or the people you connect with.

How can we better understand ? 

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How to Grow - Do These 3 Things

 Have you ever wanted to start and grow a business?

Do you have ambition to progress your career?

Do you want to improve your finances?

How can you improve your self image and relationships with loved ones ?


We all wonder at some stage. Whether as the inquisitive child seeking out new adventures. The ambitious student seeking top marks. A father wanting to better connect with his children. An entrepreneur looking to make his team more effective.

read this full article to discover  

How to Grow when you Do These 3 Things

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[Vlog & Podcast] End Game - May Be for Some

ProACT Sam of ProACT Partnership highlights in this weeks podcast and video blog 3 areas of concern for EU Brexit for Expats Living and Working Abroad  following the UK governments decisions and whither they are going.

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[Video & Podcast] How Double Taxation (DT) Changes UK-CY Affect Expat Pensions and Income for 2019

ProACT Sam Orgill discusses the new tax regime between UK and Cyprus coming into force with EU Brexit. 

More change for Expats Living and Working Abroad  in Cyprus.

How will the new DT treaty changes between the UK and Cyprus affect Expats in 2019.

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[Video] How EU Brexit Affects Expat Property, Business & Pensions

Find out how EU Brexit will affect expats properties, businesses & pensions in this exclusive webinar and guide from ProACT Sam

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How Do You Want to Feel?

It is always our choice how we feel and project ourselves.

Positive and Enthusiastic.

Negative and Draining.

Choose Well

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How EU Brexit Affects Expat Property & Pensions

Do you live abroad with family members?

Are you working abroad with children and wonder what health service benefits are?

Are you an Expat in the UK, and how might NHS charges impact your family in the future?

How could your family retain rights to stay, free travel and work after Brexit?

We will answer these questions for family and business.

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How to Stop Being Stuck

 Clear the Path. Move Forward

Have you ever felt stuck where you are ? With a diy job. In a work project. With a relationship. Revising an exam? What to wear?

We all come up against these dilemmas. Many times I am working away at a spreadsheet and just can’t get to the answers I want. What to do?

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