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How To Progress and Grow Into Anything

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut?

Do you find another month, year gone by without progress? 

Do you wonder why that is, or accept that day to day life is hard?

Creating new habits is hard.  You start a new job, a new relationship, relocate abroad or have a baby and bam your world changes!! Your world is in turmoil as you struggle to adapt and cope.

What is going on ? 

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Are You a Roundy or a Squary?

In 1975 Roger HARGREAVES , the English creator of the Mr Men came up with a short series of books asking ‘Are You a Roundy or a Squary?’

In a very visual and simple way the story asks are you a well rounded and balanced individual, happy, content and forward looking, or someone who is boxed in, frustrated, focusing what the world does to them.

So are you a Roundy or a Squary? 

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