Choose How You Feel - Influence Others

 How do you feel today ? How do you feel right at this moment? Was there a time in your day you remember for the way you were feeling? How was it ?


How we feel is a choice. We could choose to feel positive and enthusiastic for this moment and time ahead.

Around us though are people. Not everyone holds your view or is in a positive place.

Some people get stuck in negative and critical behaviours. They estoll a mantra of the 3 C’s - to Criticise, Condemn, Complain. Tough on them, but,  it could be tough on the people around them experiencing their negativity.

How Do You Behave?

Do you match the negative behaviour? Supporting the behaviours as your own.

Do  you react in conflict to argue, another type of negative behaviour.

Do you choose to walk away? Avoid facing the negativity or choosing to not to allow it into your world. 

Or do you face up to the negative and let them know you are not prepared to accept such behaviour and energies in your life. That you choose positive energy, enthusiasm and joy in everything you do. With family, work or in the community.

If you do this you give the negative one the option to save a relationship, and to make the world around them, including you, a better place to be.

It is always difficult to be around negative people. The answer is different for any situation. Switching off a negative media broadcast is easier than walking away from a relationship or job worth saving.

Whatever the situation, you can always choose how you feel.  Enjoy.

Choose How You Feel - Influence Others



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