How To Progress and Grow Into Anything

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut?

Do you find another month, year gone by without progress? 

Do you wonder why that is, or accept that day to day life is hard?

Creating new habits is hard.  You start a new job, a new relationship, relocate abroad or have a baby and bam your world changes!! Your world is in turmoil as you struggle to adapt and cope.

What is going on ? 

Have you ever thought why this is so? Why is it hard to get up off the sofa and start exercising? Start a new relationship ? Study a new course?


The reason is habits.  We all have habits that we do without our conscious brain thinking about it. Breathing, driving, the route to work, breakfast with the family ... when new and a struggle then becomes routine now.

Living in a world of habits and routines is very efficient and can be very pleasant, 6pm happy hour with cocktails at the end of day can be a joy. 

We also know this world as living within our comfort zones.


Growth, learning, development in any area ( self, life, sport, study, work, relationships) requires moving outside your comfort zones to explore and learn new ideas, methods and habits.


If your ambition and dreams are big, in 10 years you see yourself with great success for you, your team and your family, then, every day you will need to be pushing your boundaries to learn and develop new habits.


This is hard. You could always fall back into your comfort zones and deny your ambitions.

Or you could understand and resolve that you have laid down new habits, habits to learn. New habits that will serve you at the next level.


To get there, beyond everything , and the first thing, is to do the same thing each day.

Yes the same. Having written new daily habits you imagine will grow your skill and ability, you then have to learn those habits so they become - effortless habits.

60t Days

This typically takes around 60 days to get wired into your brain. During this time it is harder, because you are pushing into new areas and learning a new habit.

By day 70 it will be easier to do the new higher level habits, than try and perform the old ones. 

Of course you will then review your dreams and goals and may want to go again to the next level which will repeat the 60 day cycle.

The Same

Each day will be the same habits and routines you set out for yourself. To grow towards your dreams, beyond your comfort zone. This needs you to push harder to learn those new habits that will step by step move you towards your dreams and ambitions. Everyday.

The Same But Push Harder



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