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Focused Effort in a Given Time Brings Spectacular Results

 Being a generalist is just fine.

If you want to push on, get bigger results, quicker change, more done, faster growth, then,

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How To Progress and Grow Into Anything

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut?

Do you find another month, year gone by without progress? 

Do you wonder why that is, or accept that day to day life is hard?

Creating new habits is hard.  You start a new job, a new relationship, relocate abroad or have a baby and bam your world changes!! Your world is in turmoil as you struggle to adapt and cope.

What is going on ? 

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Are You a Roundy or a Squary?

In 1975 Roger HARGREAVES , the English creator of the Mr Men came up with a short series of books asking ‘Are You a Roundy or a Squary?’

In a very visual and simple way the story asks are you a well rounded and balanced individual, happy, content and forward looking, or someone who is boxed in, frustrated, focusing what the world does to them.

So are you a Roundy or a Squary? 

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How Do You Want to Feel?

It is always our choice how we feel and project ourselves.

Positive and Enthusiastic.

Negative and Draining.

Choose Well

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4 Steps Essential to Understand - Relocating & Living and Working Abroad

 Living and Working Abroad is the same as living anywhere else in the world - just different.

People live in groups with family, work team, or community.

In this article you will discover 4 Steps Essential to Understand - Relocating & Living and Working Abroad.

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Deadlines for Tax Returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Tuesday Tax Blog: This Week Deadlines for Tax returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns & Payments are now due. 

UK tax returns and  rebates for tax paid in the UK in 2016/17 can now be reclaimed.  

Are you certain your tax affairs will stand the scrutiny of Exchange of information ?

ProACT Sam Orgill  has written a free guide for Expats to download explaining the new risks from the taxman, follow the link to download:

Assessing the Risk - How the Tax man Shares Your Information

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6 Reasons to Make a Will for Overseas Property Investment

What gets missed, in the excitement and enthusiasm of Overseas Property Investment is the exit strategy if something goes wrong. Over 20 years we have seen many examples where Family, Health, Business issues goes wrong or just change, leading to expense delay and taxes in order to sell an Overseas Property Investment and or Relocate back home.

Our deep understanding helps us guide Expats Living and Working Abroad, or investing in Overseas Property protect the Family Assets and help avoid cost, delay and tax when difficult times arise.


We have created a Free Article for you to Read and Share;- 6-reasons-to-make-a-will-for-overseas-property-investment

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3 Big Tax Savings for the Family of Overseas Property Investors

Have you ever had the experience in your family where someone died, or divorced, or remarried leading to a family dispute arose over Property.  Where someone within the family fears losing their share of an inheritance, or want to grab it, at the expense of the family membersintended or rightfully beneficiaries.

I have and it is so sad. The loved ones, and future generations, you tried to protect and secure, see their home and finacial security undermined with the family squabble. This is why we make a will or consider life time gifts to ensure your wishes are carried out.

EU Changes to Succession

Changes in European Laws of succession have thrown any plans made up in the air. Expats owning Overseas Property in an EU country could now be subject to forced heirship where only blood or married relatives can benefit - leading to confusion and disputes down the line.

Unmarried couples, children of second marriages, divorced partners, second marriage couples have now got to review there overseas property ownership or risk loss of assets and wealth when something changes.


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5 Ways You Will Protect Your Pensions, Property, Investment Overseas


The EU changes to Succession mean Expats must make written changes to their Will to avoid forced heir-ship and retain financial control of their affairs on first death. Overseas Property Investors are most at risk with more than one country rules affecting inheritance and succession.

This can be done with a simple codicil or with an updated Will.  Our View is that a codicil is risky. A separate codicil document could be valid, but it increases the potential of being misplaced or not accepted or not being consistent with the Will.

Make a Full Review of Overseas Property Investment Pensions with the Expat Experts.


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Protect Your Family Home Living and Working Abroad

Protect Your Family Home Living and Working Abroad

With a few steps you can protect your Family overseas property from death, taxes and changing circumstances.

Life teaches us that things will change.  We grow older, the family needs evolve, work commitments change, health care matters more.  We can look forward and make plans to protect the family and your overseas property , business and investments. Better this that unexpected changes forcing sudden change, and expense that often come with tax bills and ownership issues.

This Article sets out the steps you can take to proptect your family home overseas , clcik read more or contact us.


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6 Reasons to Make a Will for Overseas Property Investment

Monday Money Blog: Protect Your Family and Business.

The first thing to do when you move your Family, Business and Family Property overseas is put the protections in place for your family assets.

This should  always start with Making a Will. When you move to a different country with different laws, then straight away your unmarried partner, adopted children, and your financial security could be undermined by the death of a family member.

Many countries including Cyprus, FRANCE and the EU have forced heirship where only blood relatives can benefit. 

Here are “6 good reasons to Make a Will”  for Expats Living and Working Abroad. 

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