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UK to Be Lowest Corporate Tax Base after EU Brexit

The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced in a speech on 25/9/18 in New York that the UK will be the lowest Corporate Tax Rate G20 Country after EU Brexit as an attraction to overseas companies and expats looking to establish a UK business base.

This statement tells us 2 things.

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5 Seconds to Trust Yourself in the Moment

Take 5 Seconds to Trust Yourself in the Moment 

Ever found yourself losing control? 

We could lose our internal control and start to express emotion. 

Unfortunately when that happens you usually lose control of the situation,

So let’s look in the mirror. and consider how in just 5 Seconds we could find a way to resolve any situation.

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ProACT Cyprus Tax Return Service 2018

ProACT Cyprus Tax Return Service 2018 - deadlines, due dates and online service

Contact  Us to Book a Meeting to Prepare and Complete your Cyprus Tax Returns

Full Full year tax returns are submitted on line from 2017.

ProACT can assist with Tax registration and online returns and payments.

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Expat Contractor - Business Bank Account for a Service Company

ProACT Sam offers 5 questions to consider for a service business bank account. 

If you operate as an Expat contractor overseas using a UK or other offshore company as a service company there are a number of considerations regarding a bank account.

ProACT Partnership Tax Saving Expat Experts offer Free Reviews and Bank Account Opening Service for professionals, contractors, business and the retired living and working abroad or investing and contracting overseas

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JOIN US for Live Webinar Thursday 25/1/2018 5PM Cyprus 3PM UK

What Are the Residency Options with EU Brexit for Expats in the UK and Brits in the EU and Cyprus?

Review this Webinar you will discover that the world continues after Brexit and Living and Working Abroad is still possible but with some different rules.

ProACT Sam Orgill discusses the Residency Status of Expats in view of EU Brexit and how Working, Retiring, Investing Abroad will work for you in the coming years.

You will learn 5 Residency Options for Expats to follow Living and Working Abroad

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Common Reporting Standards - How it Works for Expats Living and Working Abroad

How it Works for Expats Living and Working Abroad

ProACT Sam highlights the changes in exchange of informatio and what Expats should consider about the way they report tax income and capital.

Exchange of financial information has been around since 2005 when any savings or investment income was required to be reported by the bank/investment fund to their local tax authorities. 

From the start of 2016 a new level of exchange of information was introduced. Called the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) by 2018 102 countries (including every one of 28 EU countries) have committed to CRS exchange of information.

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4 Steps to RAIS Your Game and Overcome Challenges

Embrace the New Year with resolve and resolutions you keep.

Don't stay where you are , consider a life Living and Working Abroad.


Recognise the Challenge in front of you, say hello

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Deadlines for Tax Returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Tuesday Tax Blog: This Week Deadlines for Tax returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns & Payments are now due. 

UK tax returns and  rebates for tax paid in the UK in 2016/17 can now be reclaimed.  

Are you certain your tax affairs will stand the scrutiny of Exchange of information ?

ProACT Sam Orgill  has written a free guide for Expats to download explaining the new risks from the taxman, follow the link to download:

Assessing the Risk - How the Tax man Shares Your Information

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5 Things to Plan for the UK Budget Tax Changes

EU Brexit for Expats - 5 Things to Plan for the UK Budget Tax Changes

ProACT Sam Orgill of Tax Saving Expat Experts

Everything’s the same in the UK. Same Chancellor, same prime minister, same tax year. 

Then everything is different – the UK Budget date has been changed, from Spring to Autumn, (March to November), the UK government has lost its majority, the EU have turned up the heat on EU Brexit, politicians are feeling the heat from the opposition and unions, inflation is rising, people are being squeezed financially.

Click Here to Read 5 Things to plan for EU Brexit for Expats connected to the UK Budget and tax changes ahead.

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5 Top Low Tax Options for Expats

Tuesday Tax: Tax Won’t Change With Brexit UK-Cyprus

5 Top Low Tax Options for Expats Living and Working Abroad

The UK and Cyprus have had a personal and business double taxation treaty since 1974. This will not change after Brexit nor impact on personal or business tax arrangements. Double taxation treaties exist with countries as diverse as Albania and Algeria to Zambia and Vietnam.

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Tuesday Tax: 3 Ways the Tax Man Receives Exchanged Information

Tuesday tax is a weekly briefing of tax news for people Living and Working Abroad from ProACT Partnership Tax Saving Expat Experts. 


Have you wondered why your banks, savings institutions and property lawyers are chasing you this last year to Update your ID, address and tax number ?

Because of the internet.

Really. Information technology allows the tax man to exchange hugh amounts of Data with the countries it cooperates with. 

They all cooperate apart from the extremes - North Korea anyone ?  

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Why is £-GBP so Low Against the Euro ? 4 Expat Actions to Save on Currency Exchange

The EU Brexit Vote has hit British Expats Living and Working in the EU hard. The day after the Brexit vote on 24/6/2016 Sterling started a currency fall that at the start of September 2017  sees the Pound trading at £1.07 to 1.00 Euro – a might fall of nearly 25% in 15 months.

This means UK Expats transferring there Pound sterling to Euro now get 3 apples not 4. The meal out in a Spanish or Cyprus restaurant is a meal for three with someone left at home.

The UK pension payment that converted to Euro 2000 in June 2016 now converts to 1500.

That has a dramatic effect on your spending plans.  It’s one less trip back to the UK this year, the planned mini cruise postponed until another year.

Why is the £Pound so low against the Euro?

Read more to receive our free guide; 4 Expat Actions to Save on Currency Exchange

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