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Common Reporting Standards - How it Works for Expats Living and Working Abroad

How it Works for Expats Living and Working Abroad

ProACT Sam highlights the changes in exchange of informatio and what Expats should consider about the way they report tax income and capital.

Exchange of financial information has been around since 2005 when any savings or investment income was required to be reported by the bank/investment fund to their local tax authorities. 

From the start of 2016 a new level of exchange of information was introduced. Called the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) by 2018 102 countries (including every one of 28 EU countries) have committed to CRS exchange of information.

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Automatic Inheritance Tax on Property, Business and Probate.for Expats

8 Reason to Use Wills and Trusts to Protect Overseas Assets

ProACT Sam Orgill  .

Automatic Exchange of Information Impacts Everything

The EU introduced new laws for dealing with Estates. Cyprus like other EU countries introduced wide ranging changes in legislation that has a direct impact on the tax status of assets held by Expats overseas.

This allows the possibility for the home country to find out about the overseas business, property and investment assets.  This could add a 40% inheritance tax bill to an estate.

Read the Full Article for More detail and 8 Reason to Use Wills and Trusts to Protect Overseas Assets

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3 Reasons to Review Expat Tax & Pensions

TUESDAY TAX BLOG; ProACT Sam Orgill at Changes to Tax Laws that means there are 3 Reasons to Review Expat Tax & Pensions

Living With a Paradise Paper

If you are Living and Working Abroad in Paradise there may be a piece of paper on its way to you.

Big changes to Tax and Pension for Expats means the Tax Man in your home country and your country of residence may be sending you a letter or a tax demand in the next few months.


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5 Must Do Actions to Review Your Money, Business and Property Overseas

Have you had problems with banks closing account on you over the last year?  Have you had to supply new name, address, ID and tax reference number proof to banks and investment companies?  Are your rental agents getting restless about an overseas landlord registration number? Has a bank turned down a request to open a new bank account?

Many things have changed in the last year.  ProACT Sam has produce a Free Guide and we office a Free review for Expats Living and Working Abroad or Overseas Property and Business Investors.

Free Download Click Here for 'How Banks and the Tax Man Share Your Financial Information'

We offer a Free Review Online or at our UK or Cyprus Office - Click Here Contact Us to Book


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5 Top Low Tax Options for Expats

Tuesday Tax: Tax Won’t Change With Brexit UK-Cyprus

5 Top Low Tax Options for Expats Living and Working Abroad

The UK and Cyprus have had a personal and business double taxation treaty since 1974. This will not change after Brexit nor impact on personal or business tax arrangements. Double taxation treaties exist with countries as diverse as Albania and Algeria to Zambia and Vietnam.

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Tuesday Tax: 3 Ways the Tax Man Receives Exchanged Information

Tuesday tax is a weekly briefing of tax news for people Living and Working Abroad from ProACT Partnership Tax Saving Expat Experts. 


Have you wondered why your banks, savings institutions and property lawyers are chasing you this last year to Update your ID, address and tax number ?

Because of the internet.

Really. Information technology allows the tax man to exchange hugh amounts of Data with the countries it cooperates with. 

They all cooperate apart from the extremes - North Korea anyone ?  

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Save Probate Costs & Inheritance Tax with Cyprus Property Trust 9 Benefits of a Cyprus Property Family Trust

Do you ever wonder how your family would deal with your Overseas Property on Death? How your wife, husband, children would cope with the time, expense and development of settling your estate in your home country and overseas?

How would you tackle the UK probate and Inheritance tax assessment, a possible demand for 40% inheritance tax payable with 6 months of death?

A simple UK probate on average takes 9 months to settle. If you need probate overseas as well then that time is easily doubled. How would your family manage the overseas property? What is the expense of Probate lawyers overseas (10%) and offshore property agents (5%) and the time off work and travel to clear up your time living and working abroad?

We have created a free article on our website listing the 7 Benefits of a Cyprus Property Family Trust for expats owning overseas property in Cyprus and other countries.

We know from experience over 20 years that planning ahead to protect your Family overseas property assets from the cost and delay of Probate, Forced Sale and Inheritance Tax at a difficult time for your loved ones. 

ProACT can help you protect your family assets down the generations.

Remember, we offer a FREE no obligation Review.

7 Benefits of a Cyprus Property Family Trust

1.           The Trust Deed & Gift can be created

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Precious Assets - Protect Them Will

Sam Orgill of ProACT Expatriate Advice discusses one of life's certainties and the Benefits of Making a Will

Inheritance tax is the last tax return you need to make and can be expensive. With planning taxes of 40% or more can be saved for the family. How do you do that?

What is included? Inheritance tax is charged on all the assets you own or have a share of. This can include; property in Cyprus, UK or worldwide; business value; savings and investment; pensions values; vehicles; and anything else of value in your legal possession at your death.

Your world wide assets are included. That is what you own in Cyprus and elsewhere. Crucially you are assessed for inheritance tax in each country you have assets in, plus the country... Read more. 

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Sam Orgill of gives

5 Things Expats Should include in Their Exit Strategy - when Living and Working Abroad Goes Wrong

What gets missed, in the excitement and enthusiasm of relocating overseas, achieving your dream of Living and Working Aboard, investing in overseas property and business, is an exit strategy. 

We all get carried away with something new, something exciting, and can easily allow our common sense to be left on the beach while we go in search of promised new lands, home and work abroad. But what then? How do we get back home? What if the dream fails?

Here’s a check list of 5 things for expats to include in their exit strategy.


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