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ProACT Cyprus Tax Return Service 2018 - deadlines, due dates and online service

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Full Full year tax returns are submitted on line from 2017.

ProACT can assist with Tax registration and online returns and payments.

There is a delay with the Cyprus Tax office due to changes to the new online process, but we are preparing full year 2017 now.

Cyprus Full year 2017 tax returns are due online now.

Any balancing tax payments for 2017 are due by 30th June

Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns & Payments for 2018 are due from 1/7/18 for:

  1. Any Cyprus tax resident with earned income
  2. Any Cyprus tax resident with tax income due to Defence Levy Saving Taxes

For earned income tax is due in 2 payments with the first due for payment from 1st July and could be paid online.

Retired Non Domiciled Expats have no requirement to make temporary tax assessments and payments until December 2018

UK tax rebates for tax paid in the UK in 2017/8 can now be reclaimed from 6/4/2018

Please help us complete your returns efficiently.

Savings tax now due (Defence Levy) is calculated on any confirmed gross bank interest 30%, dividends received 17% or property rental income 3%.

Non Domicile

Expats are legally non domicile from Cyprus if until they have lived in Cyprus for 20 years AND been a tax resident for 17 of those years.

If you are non domicile you pay no Defence Levy Saving Taxes on Savings or investment income.

You should still declare your worldwide income on your income tax return, to avoid conflicts when governments, tax offices, banks and employers exchange tax information with Cyprus.

If you receive gross interest on bank deposits outside Cyprus then you must declare in Cyprus.

Any Defence Levy Cyprus tax due will be between 3 and 30% on a flat rate.

If you want to consider other diversified tax free investments including specialist funds, property, discretionary management please contact us.

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