Deadlines for Tax Returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Tuesday Tax Blog: This Week Deadlines for Tax returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns & Payments for 2017 are now due from:

1. July if Living and Working in Cyprus

2. December if Living but not Working in Cyprus  

UK tax returns and  rebates for tax paid in the UK in 2016/17 can now be reclaimed with UK online returns now due with any UK tax payment for earned income, UK property rentals, and any Pensions, Savings and Royalties arising in the UK but not registered in Cyprus or your Country of Residence.

Any Full 2016 Cyprus Returns for Individuals should now be submitted, but Nil returns should still be made without penalty.

Please help us complete your tax returns efficiently and maximize your tax saving and tax rebates.

How to Pay Tax

In Cyprus earned income tax is due in 2 payments with the first due for payment from July and could be paid online.

For Overseas Pensions Income all this years tax can be paid in one installment from December and all the years tax and final assessment must be made by June 2018.


Savings tax now due (Defence Levy) is calculated on any confirmed gross bank interest 30%, dividends received 17% or property rental income 3%. 

Expats who are considered 'Non-Dom' pay 0% Saving Tax in Cyprus but should always declare the income on a tax return in their country of residence, to avoid a tax back in their home country.

A UK expat living and working abroad is liable to tax on worldwide income not declared in their tax residence country. The UK HMRC can find out under new exchange of control laws what you earned and what you declared on a tax return.

ProACT Sam Orgill  has written a free guide for Expats to download explaining the new risks from the taxman, follow the link to download:

Assessing the Risk - How the Tax man Shares Your Information 

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