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Draw Energy By Connecting To Earth

Have you ever felt drained? Despite everything being right, (Sleep, diet, exercise, family, work), you still lack that ‘je ne sais quoi’?

We all get these moments. It’s easy to get distracted, relax and watch tv, eat comfort food, or have a drink to restore. 

Or we could go for a walk, go to the park, or go to the beach and swim. 

Draw Energy 

There is a difference, right? You can see it straight away?


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Deadlines for Tax Returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Tuesday Tax Blog: This Week Deadlines for Tax returns & Rebates for Expats in Cyprus and UK

Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns & Payments are now due. 

UK tax returns and  rebates for tax paid in the UK in 2016/17 can now be reclaimed.  

Are you certain your tax affairs will stand the scrutiny of Exchange of information ?

ProACT Sam Orgill  has written a free guide for Expats to download explaining the new risks from the taxman, follow the link to download:

Assessing the Risk - How the Tax man Shares Your Information

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Why is £-GBP so Low Against the Euro ? 4 Expat Actions to Save on Currency Exchange

The EU Brexit Vote has hit British Expats Living and Working in the EU hard. The day after the Brexit vote on 24/6/2016 Sterling started a currency fall that at the start of September 2017  sees the Pound trading at £1.07 to 1.00 Euro – a might fall of nearly 25% in 15 months.

This means UK Expats transferring there Pound sterling to Euro now get 3 apples not 4. The meal out in a Spanish or Cyprus restaurant is a meal for three with someone left at home.

The UK pension payment that converted to Euro 2000 in June 2016 now converts to 1500.

That has a dramatic effect on your spending plans.  It’s one less trip back to the UK this year, the planned mini cruise postponed until another year.

Why is the £Pound so low against the Euro?

Read more to receive our free guide; 4 Expat Actions to Save on Currency Exchange

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