Draw Energy By Connecting To Earth


Have you ever felt drained? Despite everything being right, (Sleep, diet, exercise, family, work), you still lack that ‘je ne sais quoi’?

We all get these moments. It’s easy to get distracted, relax and watch tv, eat comfort food, or have a drink to restore. 

Or we could go for a walk, go to the park, or go to the beach and swim. 

Draw Energy 

There is a difference, right? You can see it straight away? When we go for a walk we engage our whole body. 

Our heart rate is raised and pumps blood around our body. 

Your breathing is deeper drawing more oxygen into your system. 

You begin to feel alive again as you draw energy from the world around us. 

Connecting To Earth

There are two main energy sources for our world - the sun and the earth. By connecting with nature we instinctively know it is ‘good for you’. 

By walking we create movement and interaction with our world. Going outside is always better because of that little imperceptible connection that the sun, wind and rain add to freshen the air. 

Swim in the sea to feel alive again and detox from our modern world. 

Walk in the park to be reinvigorated by fresh clean air given out by the trees and plants. 

Feel the suns rays on your back reinvigorating and warming your soul. 

By connecting to nature we directly connect to the world round us and draw energy in a way that rest, food or the gym cannot. 

Get outside and Draw Energy 

By Connecting to Earth. 


Draw Energy By Connecting To Earth



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