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6 Actions For Expats to Take on Cyprus Tax May June 2018

ProACT Sam updates the Changes to the Cyprus Online Tax Return  System


Having trouble with the changes to make Cyprus tax returns?

Do you want to do online returns but find nothing inline or joined up?

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5 Steps to Stop Overwhelm

 Ever found your day out of control? Everyone is off home and you have a stack of work to finish still? Not finished that important client report from last week but helped the walk in clients today? Late for the school concert to see your child?

Welcome to the world of overwhelm. Also the world of low productivity, poor performance and broken promises.

Read the full article to find out how You could use  5 Steps to Help Stop Overwhelm at home, in the workplace or in life.

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One Thing a Leader Should Do

Ever wondered why your relationships keep breaking down with family, team, clients, suppliers and associates ?

in business to you long to end a repeated cycle of boom and bust, good times followed by bad times?

What should a leader do to build a family or team that grows and she is happy with?

In this blog article ProACT Sam suggests one thing a leader should do. Click to read the full article.  

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5 Steps to Making the Right Choices in Life

ProACT sam offers a framework to guide us in our personal, family and work Life. 5 Steps to Making the Right Choices in Life. 


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How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation?

Have you ever got over excited ? In a good way and you could not breath for laughing. Or waiting for the star of the show to arrive? Or lost control and started shouting at someone? Or become lost for words?

Did you notice anything common to each situation?

Did you notice you were holding your breath or breathing in with short quick breaths?

Whether happy or sad or angry?

We all do this, it’s a basis of how we are made and part of the bodies basic instinct to prepare for fight or flight.

ProACT Sam Says How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation Living and Working Abroad ... 

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6 Steps To Be Happy Today

 Nothing need to happen externally or internally to alter our state, or gratify our inner critic. We do not need any internal or external stimulus to affect how we feel. 

ProACT Sam Says Nothing Needs to Happen for Me To Be Happy and offers 6 Steps to take to be happy 

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4 Ways to Attract Wealth Health and Happiness

 ProACT Sam Says 4 principles to Attract and Grow Wealth in your life.

Are You Losing Money?

Have you ever wondered why you have no money and mortgage and card debt?

Do you need to have a wardrobe full of shoes and clothes and stuff, stuff you don’t use but fills that living space.

Do you always live on the edge to have enough money for the next bill, the next treat, the next meal?

Are you Attractive?

Wealth is a created by the energy you put into life with your loved ones, work, business, or community.

In this article ProACT Sam Says offers  4 principles to Attract and Grow Wealth in your life. 

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Draw Energy By Connecting To Earth

Have you ever felt drained? Despite everything being right, (Sleep, diet, exercise, family, work), you still lack that ‘je ne sais quoi’?

We all get these moments. It’s easy to get distracted, relax and watch tv, eat comfort food, or have a drink to restore. 

Or we could go for a walk, go to the park, or go to the beach and swim. 

Draw Energy 

There is a difference, right? You can see it straight away?


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5 Options for Expats Residency Status Living and Working Abroad

ProACT Sam Orgill reviews the Residency Status of Expats in view of EU Brexit

Following the Step 1 agreement between the UK and EU due to be ratified by the 27 Remaining EU States on 15/12/17 this Newsletter considers ‘What Does Residency Mean for Expats?’

There are three types of residency to consider. This article looks at where and how you can live abroad. In our following articles we will look at where you work and then residency rules around where you are from.

5 Options for Expats Residency Status Living and Working Abroad

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5 Steps to Be True to You

Between the Stimulus & the Response is a Space - Use it Wisely

How to find the space and time to consistently learn and grow your world

This article offers  5 Steps to Be True to You. Read more ...


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4 Review Steps for Expats Planning for EU Brexit

Sam Orgill of ProACT Expatriate Advice considers what we know so far and recent developments in Brexit and the 4 areas of impact Expats should consider and review to protect Residency Rights, Tax on Income, securing Overseas Property, Medical Cover post Brexit.

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