6 Actions For Expats to Take on Cyprus Tax May June 2018

6 Actions For Expats to Take on Cyprus Tax May June 2018

ProACT Sam updates the Changes to the Cyprus Online Tax Return  System


Having trouble with the changes to make Cyprus tax returns?

Do you want to do online returns but find nothing inline or joined up?

Here’s the latest news.

No one can still submit cyprus tax returns for full year 2017 and they are now overdue. 

Here is what to do next.


The problem is the decision to go for a full online return system in 2017. 

This is a good idea to try and speed up assessments - 5 years behind in cyprus - which causes confusion and delay to people wanting to move on in life selling homes, business or settling probate and estates. 

Any plan is only as good as the preparation though and the preparation could have been better. 

Firstly many people were not online. 

To register for online tax you needed to submit up to 5 paper documents to be administered by tax officials. This has been abandoned at the end of March as too cumbersome. 

Secondly people could not register online.

This is has been corrected this year to allow people to register for tax online - but new approach required a previous Cyprus tax assessment. Many Expats in Cyprus don’t have this or can’t find such a reference. 

Thirdly auto enrolment was adopted.

Still complicated. The solution was to post a letter in cyprus giving a special code and instructions to individuals to allow them to register. Expats travelling and not in cyprus will struggle as will those using agents for their tax affairs.  Once registering the system still require 2/3 steps to complete over a few days.

ProACT have been able to help many people through this process. 

Fourthly an attempt to upgrade the system was made in 1st May,

but it failed.  An advice from the tax office says that they will further update when the system will be ready and confirmed new submission deadlines will be issued then. Meanwhile no 2017 full year tax returns for cyprus can be issued at this time.

We can complete online UK 2017/18 tax returns for our expat clients since 6/4/18 - ask us if you need help.

There is one success. Employers returns can now be submitted online. 

Any employer could submit this returns online now.  Contact ProACT for help. 

Company Annual Levy Change Proposed

Companies have had an  annual levy to pay since 2011 of €350 per year.

There is a proposal to remove this tax on business.  No vote is taken yet in the cyprus parliament but it could be taken in the next month or so. 

If 2018 company levy is not removed then it is payable from June 2018. 

Cyprus tax payers cannot submit returns by mid May. The system will catch up. 

Meanwhile here’s what you should do to keep you Cyprus Tax Returns up to date. 

6 Actions For Expats to Take on Cyprus Tax May June 2018

  1. Ensure you are registered online.  If you need help registering contact the ProACT office for help. 
  2. If you need help submitting the first return ask a tax agent to help you. ProACT offer a low cost online tax return service. 
  3. 2017 self assessment of tax and the balance must still be paid by end of June 2018. If you think you have a balance to pay. This can be calculated  and submitted now. This may involve additional paper returns. Contact us at ProACT for help. 
  4. Expats with savings tax should complete and submit a non domicile questionnaire to avoid up to 30% defence levy savings tax on assessment.   This will apply to returns for 15 and 16 already submitted but not yet assessed. 
  5. From July working expats are liable for the first 2018 temporary tax instalment. There is no evidence of this return and payment being allowed online. But have in mind as the 2018 return is due from July. 
  6. Company levy are paid online in june. If it is not removed for 2018 then it is payable in june. 

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