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[Webinar] Residency Options with EU Brexit for Expats

Find out how EU Brexit will affect expats properties, businesses & pensions in this exclusive webinar and guide from ProACT Sam

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[Vlog & Podcast] Residency Options for Expats with EU Brexit

ProACT Sam Orgill updates residency options for Expats following the July UK White Paper on EU Brexit

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[Vlog & Podcast] End Game - May Be for Some

ProACT Sam of ProACT Partnership highlights in this weeks podcast and video blog 3 areas of concern for EU Brexit for Expats Living and Working Abroad  following the UK governments decisions and whither they are going.

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[Video & Podcast] How Double Taxation (DT) Changes UK-CY Affect Expat Pensions and Income for 2019

ProACT Sam Orgill discusses the new tax regime between UK and Cyprus coming into force with EU Brexit. 

More change for Expats Living and Working Abroad  in Cyprus.

How will the new DT treaty changes between the UK and Cyprus affect Expats in 2019.

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[Video] How EU Brexit Affects Expat Property, Business & Pensions

Find out how EU Brexit will affect expats properties, businesses & pensions in this exclusive webinar and guide from ProACT Sam

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How Do You Want to Feel?

It is always our choice how we feel and project ourselves.

Positive and Enthusiastic.

Negative and Draining.

Choose Well

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How EU Brexit Affects Expat Property & Pensions

Do you live abroad with family members?

Are you working abroad with children and wonder what health service benefits are?

Are you an Expat in the UK, and how might NHS charges impact your family in the future?

How could your family retain rights to stay, free travel and work after Brexit?

We will answer these questions for family and business.

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6 Actions For Expats to Take on Cyprus Tax May June 2018

ProACT Sam updates the Changes to the Cyprus Online Tax Return  System


Having trouble with the changes to make Cyprus tax returns?

Do you want to do online returns but find nothing inline or joined up?

Here’s the latest news… Read More

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Don't Let Doubts Linger - Say Hello Welcome Them

3 Ways to Manage and Remove Negative Influences on Your Life.


Why Do Things Go Wrong for You?


We are positive, determined, enthusiastic. We throw are all into a happy, loving life for our self, family, team, clients.

But stuff gets in the way, it doesn't quite work.

Why is that ?

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One Thing a Leader Should Do

Ever wondered why your relationships keep breaking down with family, team, clients, suppliers and associates ?

in business to you long to end a repeated cycle of boom and bust, good times followed by bad times?

What should a leader do to build a family or team that grows and she is happy with?

In this blog article ProACT Sam suggests one thing a leader should do. Click to read the full article.  

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No Spring Budget for UK

The UK had a political financial statement on 13/3/18 but with no changes or announcements on fiscal matters.

This Spring statement is an update only.

A November budget to implement tax changes following April.

That’s the new UK Way for Budget statements 

November’s Budget confirmed the UK tax and financial position in the year to Brexit

ProACT Sam 14/3/18

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