How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation


How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

Manage Your Emotions

Have you ever got over excited ? In a good way and you could not breath for laughing. Or waiting for the star of the show to arrive? Or lost control and started shouting at someone? Or become lost for words?

Did you notice anything common to each situation?

Did you notice you were holding your breath or breathing in with short quick breaths?

Whether happy or sad or angry?

We all do this, it’s a basis of how we are made and part of the bodies basic instinct to prepare for fight or flight.

With Deeper Breathing

Shallow and Short breaths are part of emotional response. When we are anxious, nervous, angry, excited, joyful we naturally tend to breath in shorter shallower breaths.

This is part of the all body natural reaction , a sign that your body, emotions and mind are connected and aligned.

That breathing is intrinsically linked to emotions and feelings.

Deep, long, slow breaths are the opposite. They will relax you and calm you down. They allow oxygen into your system to to clear the toxins used in a burst of an emotional response. The deep breathing triggers the release of relaxing and calming hormones by your endocrine system. It helps you relax.

That’s why people suggest you “take a deep breath”

Knowing this we can manage our emotions.

Stay Calm

If you want to stay calm and carry on in any situation and control any emotional outbursts, then you could manage your behaviour with your breathing.

If you feel that you are about to lose your internal control of emotions, then you can consciously decide to intervene and interrupt the natural loss of emotional control.

To do this take a long deep breath to the count of 4, hold to the count of 8, breath out to the count of 12. Repeat 3 Times (Or similar proportions like 2,4,6)

Be aware the extra oxygen may make you light headed, or even feel elated. That’s a sign it’s working for you.

In difficult situations you may have to leave the room or go for a walk or sit in a quite place for a while.

What happens is you interrupt your instinctive or learned behaviour to lose internal emotional control and triggered a calm relaxed physical emotional response.

Some may call this emotional maturity. Some may call it normal.

Laugh or cry, shout or cheer, panic or thrill, you could manage your emotion to stay calm and carry on.



Manage Your Emotions With Deeper Breathing


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