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5 Steps to Making the Right Choices in Life

ProACT sam offers a framework to guide us in our personal, family and work Life. 5 Steps to Making the Right Choices in Life. 


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How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation?

Have you ever got over excited ? In a good way and you could not breath for laughing. Or waiting for the star of the show to arrive? Or lost control and started shouting at someone? Or become lost for words?

Did you notice anything common to each situation?

Did you notice you were holding your breath or breathing in with short quick breaths?

Whether happy or sad or angry?

We all do this, it’s a basis of how we are made and part of the bodies basic instinct to prepare for fight or flight.

ProACT Sam Says How to Manage And Control Your Emotions in Any Situation Living and Working Abroad ... 

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6 Steps To Be Happy Today

 Nothing need to happen externally or internally to alter our state, or gratify our inner critic. We do not need any internal or external stimulus to affect how we feel. 

ProACT Sam Says Nothing Needs to Happen for Me To Be Happy and offers 6 Steps to take to be happy 

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4 Steps to RAIS Your Game and Overcome Challenges

Embrace the New Year with resolve and resolutions you keep.

Don't stay where you are , consider a life Living and Working Abroad.


Recognise the Challenge in front of you, say hello

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5 Steps to Be True to You

Between the Stimulus & the Response is a Space - Use it Wisely

How to find the space and time to consistently learn and grow your world

This article offers  5 Steps to Be True to You. Read more ...


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4 Practices to Develop Great Relationships

Do you find yourself shouting at the kids? Do you rant at the bus driver for being late? The shop assistant for the queue? The bank for an empty bank account ? The staff for failing? 

 Emotional Immaturity is a Reflection of An Inner Critic.

 Here are 4 Practices to Develop Great Relationships with yourself and the people around you. 

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You Can Do Anything - Try and Learn

You Can Do Anything

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ski from the top of a mountain? Scuba dive in coral seas? Give that job or study course a go? Try that dish on the menu?

Do you find yourself doing what your boss, parent, teacher, news reader, politician tells you, rather that what your instinct suggests you do?

We all have these moments. The decisions we take determine our destiny and our future world.

You don’t run a marathon until you start a training run.

You don’t learn until you try.

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3 Rules to Help You Make Quick Decisions

3 Rules to Help You Make Quick Decisions

Have you ever spent days, weeks, months mulling over a decision and years later found you decided nothing ?

The ‘A Broad Brush Blog’ is a weekly newsletter for people Living and Working Abroad looking in general at the topical and lifestyle issues for families, contractors, investors and the retired Living and Working Abroad, relocating overseas or investing offshore. 

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