3 Rules to Help You Make Quick Decisions

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3 Rules to Help You Make Quick Decisions

Have you ever spent days, weeks, months mulling over a decision and years later found you decided nothing ?

Do you worry what might happen if you do  something only to find you do nothing, and that upsets you, further?

Do you find yourself thinking about a complex task in your mind, and it’s too much to handle to come up with conclusion?

We all do this. When I was a student l was strong in life sciences and interested in finance. Be a doctor was one option, an accountant the other. I didn’t make the decision quickly, drifted through the university application and ended up on a biology degree studying plankton. Not what I aspired too at all!! It cost me a year to change courses to choose business and finance.

Did it need to take me a year to decide? Of course not ! It Only Takes A Minute To Make A Decision.

It doesn’t matter if the decision is hard or easy. You could be choosing what food of the menu, what top to wear today, to propose to your partner, buy that house, make that career decision.

Each decision requires a set of criteria to be met within you. No matter what the complexity or implications of that decision.

Once you understand how decisions are made, by anyone, you can remove the stress and anxiety from decision making, make decisions you are happy with, and look forward to the excitement, joy and adventure  of taking action to make your dream come true.

Here are 3 Rules I learned to make Quick Decisions

1. Be Prepared.

Any decision requires you know what outcome you want from taking the action upon which you will decide.

This is your imagined outcome, your dream for the future. If that dream is clear to you then you are motivated to achieve it and be ready to make that decision.

Your preparation should also include an understanding of what will happen after the decision is taken, what is required from you to give - in time, in effort, in money.

A university degree may take 3 years to complete. A house 6 months to buy and a year to settle in. A job switch a year to get comfortable with the new role and employer.

There is also a consequence to a decision. You must choose food to fit your allergies, diet, or physiological need when ordering.

When you leave home to start a new relationship, job, Life abroad you are taken from established  routines and habits that get you effortlessly thorough the days.

You must discover new friends, new customs, new rules, different ways, different language and accents. All challenging your comfort zones within,  in addition to  the external changes in your world.

The salesman may provide this information. Books and articles and Mr. Google can help too. Friends and colleagues can make recommendations and referrals of trusted advisers and sources of information.

This is allot to take in and prepare.  If the menu is simple, the choice is too... chicken or pork kebab ... fish and chips with or without peas.

If the situation is more complex  then don’t keep it all on your mind. That is a major source of stress and overwhelm that will not help you make the decision.

Write it down, make notes, collect information, make lists of for,  against, what if. Clearly write down the purpose, the goal, the dream you want from the decision.

Remember anxiety is fear of the future. Prepare well so you can make a quick decision. If you need time to prepare give yourself a minute , an hour , a day, a week or more. Then before that deadline you will gather all your preparation and be ready to make the decision.

2. Trust Your Instinct.

Instinct is the subconscious applying the cumulated knowledge from your life time. Everything you have read, heard, learned is in there.

Your conscious brain may be the 20% at work, trust the 80% to give you instincts and hunches that could be the right way to go.

The worst that can happen is you fail and learn. Next time to try better.

3. Be Brave.

If you have a dream. You can make that dream come true.

Yes you must leave your home comforts behind, explore new worlds, but your dream is not the world you are in Today. Today you live in the world created by your past behaviours and routines. If you want change and a new outcome, a new World, then you must be brave and take the necessary decisions and actions to achieve your dreams.

It Only Takes A Minute

To Make A Decision.

Be Prepared.

Trust Your Instinct.

Be Brave.



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