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No Spring Budget for UK

The UK had a political financial statement on 13/3/18 but with no changes or announcements on fiscal matters.

This Spring statement is an update only.

A November budget to implement tax changes following April.

That’s the new UK Way for Budget statements 

November’s Budget confirmed the UK tax and financial position in the year to Brexit

ProACT Sam 14/3/18

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Chez Nous - 3 Principles That Help a Work Family Feel at Home

Every Person in a Team has a Responsibility to Make Decisions


The hotel manager is an important role  

 The hotel manager doesn’t make all the decisions. She has a reception manager, a head chef, a housekeeping manager, a spa manager, a restaurant manager.

Each of these managers have an important role and they have responsibility...

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Expat Contractor - Business Bank Account for a Service Company

ProACT Sam offers 5 questions to consider for a service business bank account. 

If you operate as an Expat contractor overseas using a UK or other offshore company as a service company there are a number of considerations regarding a bank account.

ProACT Partnership Tax Saving Expat Experts offer Free Reviews and Bank Account Opening Service for professionals, contractors, business and the retired living and working abroad or investing and contracting overseas

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4 Ways to Attract Wealth Health and Happiness

 ProACT Sam Says 4 principles to Attract and Grow Wealth in your life.

Are You Losing Money?

Have you ever wondered why you have no money and mortgage and card debt?

Do you need to have a wardrobe full of shoes and clothes and stuff, stuff you don’t use but fills that living space.

Do you always live on the edge to have enough money for the next bill, the next treat, the next meal?

Are you Attractive?

Wealth is a created by the energy you put into life with your loved ones, work, business, or community.

In this article ProACT Sam Says offers  4 principles to Attract and Grow Wealth in your life. 

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Automatic Inheritance Tax on Property, Business and Probate.for Expats

8 Reason to Use Wills and Trusts to Protect Overseas Assets

ProACT Sam Orgill  .

Automatic Exchange of Information Impacts Everything

The EU introduced new laws for dealing with Estates. Cyprus like other EU countries introduced wide ranging changes in legislation that has a direct impact on the tax status of assets held by Expats overseas.

This allows the possibility for the home country to find out about the overseas business, property and investment assets.  This could add a 40% inheritance tax bill to an estate.

Read the Full Article for More detail and 8 Reason to Use Wills and Trusts to Protect Overseas Assets

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EU Cyprus Passport Investment - Residential Property Investment - For sale

Residential Property Investment Ready for a Development project on 2600 sm plot

Qualifies for Eu Passport by Investment

4 bedroom 4 Reception Rooms

Stone Villa with 2600sm of land 100% build and Title Deeds

Suitable to create a Euro 2.5 million residential property development to qualify for Cyprus Citizenship

4 Bedroom Stone Mill House for Sale Larnaca


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3 Rules to Help You Make Quick Decisions

3 Rules to Help You Make Quick Decisions

Have you ever spent days, weeks, months mulling over a decision and years later found you decided nothing ?

The ‘A Broad Brush Blog’ is a weekly newsletter for people Living and Working Abroad looking in general at the topical and lifestyle issues for families, contractors, investors and the retired Living and Working Abroad, relocating overseas or investing offshore. 

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Thursdays View: EU Passport by Investment Villa Potima Paphos Cyprus



Do you Seek an EU Citizenship to allow freedom of movement within Europe for work, students and family? The Cyprus passport by Investment brings you all these.  Starting with a Residential Property in Cyprus.

Read More about the Advantages of Living and Working Abroad in Cyprus and how an investment in cyprus property could allow your famil freedom to work, study and live in Cyprus and the EU

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2 Ways to Reclaim Tax on Cyprus Property

 Have you got your title deeds finally in the last two years but paid more in transfer taxes than you planned ?

Have you sold a Cyprus Property and paid more capital gains on a valuation that didn’t match up?

Was your Immovable Property Tax bill very high?

The ProACT Tax Saving Expat Experts see this issue every week.

We Recently Saved a Client €3500 Capital Gains Tax

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5 Top Low Tax Options for Expats

Tuesday Tax: Tax Won’t Change With Brexit UK-Cyprus

5 Top Low Tax Options for Expats Living and Working Abroad

The UK and Cyprus have had a personal and business double taxation treaty since 1974. This will not change after Brexit nor impact on personal or business tax arrangements. Double taxation treaties exist with countries as diverse as Albania and Algeria to Zambia and Vietnam.

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Thursday View: Specialist business for sale

Specialist business for sale

unique opportunity exists for the right person to acquire a bolt on business or immerse themselves in a vibrant working business  

Are you looking for a Careerchange?

Or a Lifestyle change?

We have a business opportunity which gives the purchaser great options.

To invest and simply manage an already profitable business.

Or, to be completely hands on and learn a specialist trade! To do a little bit of both.

This business opportunity is so well matched in its Cyprus market that it has a unique niche  within  the local economy. 

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Leaders Make Decisions - Team Prepare & Do

Yes Leaders Do work, of course.

Foremost they make decisions.

They train and guide their team,

In order to allow the team members to do the best job possible, make the best decisions

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