5 Steps to Be True to You


5 Steps to Be True to You

How to find the space and time to consistently learn and grow your world.


Have you ever found your self snapping at someone, then wishing you had not said that?

Did you ever pressed a switch with unintended consequences?

Have you ever said yes and immediately  regretted being so rash?

We have all been caught in between when asked to make a decision. Parents, partner, boss, salesman, employer, are own desires, can all push us to make a quick decision. 

The decision may be a matter of life and death, we can make an instinctive instant reaction to save the day.

But always, with every there is a gap, and in this moment, this minute, this day, this month there is a space and that time could be of great value to you.


The stimulus that demands a reply could be a question, a decision you are prompted to make in your work, an opportunity to indulge in a cream cake or take a workout.

The stimulus could be a hunger pain or your sex drive kicking in as your partner walks by.

The stimulus can be demanding of yourself, impacting your family, your team, your career, your health, your community or reputation. 

We have these questions and stimulus many times every day.


How we respond is in practice for most of us dependant upon our habits, our beliefs and values.

If we are committed to health and fitness we are likely to choose such an option.

If we are not concerned for the food in our diet we will choose a treat or an extra portion, or one for the road.

All our decisions are shaped by our dreams and goals, our image of the world we want to live in.

Some people focus on health and fitness, some on financial and career success, some on family life, some on the community.

Our conscious and subconscious goals and intentions drive, shape, and determine our response to any stimulus.


Thank god there is a space between the stimulus and the response.

A time for you to consider your reaction and reply.

What are your true values, beliefs and goals regarding the stimulus question put to you?

What is the response consistent with your dreams and goals, the right response and action for you?


The challenge in the decision is greater if you are trying to change. If you are on a new diet, new fitness regime, new job, new skill or new relationship then your piers (and yourself ) might tempt you, just this once, to revert to your old habits, the previous answers, the person you used to be. Slipping into the old habits, the old decisions is an easy way out especially if you have social pressure to carry on the old way.

What we are coming to here  is your commitments, your Integrity to the goals, dreams, values and beliefs you have set yourself.

Use it Wisely 

The gap is there. The space allows you to reflect and make a decision that is both consistent and retains integrity to the person you are today, and consistent with the commitments and goals that will create the future you desire. A decision based upon change and new habits.

The world we live in today is a world created by our previous habits and goals. To break away from this, at any level, is a challenge not to be underestimated. Change is a struggle at any level that needs to be honoured and respected.

The response you give to the stimulus may not be what the crowd want to hear. It may not be the popular thing to do. The salesperson may be disappointed in you. The coach deflated.

It is essential that you make a wise choice in your decisions that retain your personal integrity to your commitments to your world - yourself, family, work and community.

A wise decision  is consistent to retain balance in your mind, body, soul and social world. The world that you aspire too.

As we all know too well, a new diet, new relationship, new job all require wisdom in every decision as we adjust, change and grow into our new world.

Our personal integrity maintains the commitments we make to ourselves, our family and the people in our world.

5 Steps to Be True to You

  1. Write down your dreams and goals and read them everyday
  2. Commit to the new habits and values you need to adopt to achieve those dreams
  3. Recognise the space when you have a stimulus that requires your response. Use that time wisely.
  4. What is the right decision consistent with your dreams and goals. Does it feel right ?
  5. Decide , Respond and Do happy you have retained your personal integrity.


Between the Stimulus &

the Response is a Space

Use it Wisely



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