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Focused Effort in a Given Time Brings Spectacular Results

 Being a generalist is just fine.

If you want to push on, get bigger results, quicker change, more done, faster growth, then,

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10 Steps to Greatness Through New Habits

Ever sought inspiration? Ever wondered how does she do it ? Are you concerned that you can’t get ahead, that you are stuck in a routine and being held back ?

We all have these moments. At these times we could stand back and reflect. In that reflection, when we pay attention we can start to find a new way forward.

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 10 Steps to Greatness Through New Habits

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5 Steps to Be True to You

Between the Stimulus & the Response is a Space - Use it Wisely

How to find the space and time to consistently learn and grow your world

This article offers  5 Steps to Be True to You. Read more ...


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4 Practices to Develop Great Relationships

Do you find yourself shouting at the kids? Do you rant at the bus driver for being late? The shop assistant for the queue? The bank for an empty bank account ? The staff for failing? 

 Emotional Immaturity is a Reflection of An Inner Critic.

 Here are 4 Practices to Develop Great Relationships with yourself and the people around you. 

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You Can Do Anything - Try and Learn

You Can Do Anything

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ski from the top of a mountain? Scuba dive in coral seas? Give that job or study course a go? Try that dish on the menu?

Do you find yourself doing what your boss, parent, teacher, news reader, politician tells you, rather that what your instinct suggests you do?

We all have these moments. The decisions we take determine our destiny and our future world.

You don’t run a marathon until you start a training run.

You don’t learn until you try.

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2 Habits to Change That Improve Your Integrity with People

 Change is difficult, a struggle to release the old bad habits that brought you to your world today, and replace them with new habits that will create the future you dream off.

As you progress you may find yourself more effective at completing tasks on schedule, but retain a conflict that something’s are not getting done. Why is that ?

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