2 Habits to Change That Improve Your Integrity with People

2 Habits to Change That Improve Your Integrity with People

 Change is difficult, a struggle to release the old bad habits that brought you to your world today, and replace them with new habits that will create the future you dream off.

As you progress you may find yourself more effective at completing tasks on schedule, but retain a conflict that something’s are not getting done. Why is that ?

Well it may be that you are trying to do too much.

  1. Let Go of Old Habits. If you keep an old habit, and repeat that, it takes double time to do both old and new habit, good and bad. Say No to the old habit, don’t do it. That’s a struggle of change for you.
  2. You may have an old habit of trying to do to much. As a result of trying to squeeze to many commitments in your day you end up doing each job less well, being late and undermining your credibility, or failing to keep the commitment at all. You now feel a failure for not doing as you say. Feel better: say no to overcommitment.

Doing as you say builds your credibility and integrity with yourself, at home, at work and in the Community.

As you grow and change do as you say by saying no to old habits and no to overcommitment.

Do As You Say

Say “No” More Often

Do As You Say - Say No to Avoid Over Committing Your Time

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