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How to Grow - Do These 3 Things

 Have you ever wanted to start and grow a business?

Do you have ambition to progress your career?

Do you want to improve your finances?

How can you improve your self image and relationships with loved ones ?


We all wonder at some stage. Whether as the inquisitive child seeking out new adventures. The ambitious student seeking top marks. A father wanting to better connect with his children. An entrepreneur looking to make his team more effective.

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How to Grow when you Do These 3 Things

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How Do You Want to Feel?

It is always our choice how we feel and project ourselves.

Positive and Enthusiastic.

Negative and Draining.

Choose Well

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How to Stop Being Stuck

 Clear the Path. Move Forward

Have you ever felt stuck where you are ? With a diy job. In a work project. With a relationship. Revising an exam? What to wear?

We all come up against these dilemmas. Many times I am working away at a spreadsheet and just can’t get to the answers I want. What to do?

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Don't Let Doubts Linger - Say Hello Welcome Them

3 Ways to Manage and Remove Negative Influences on Your Life.


Why Do Things Go Wrong for You?


We are positive, determined, enthusiastic. We throw are all into a happy, loving life for our self, family, team, clients.

But stuff gets in the way, it doesn't quite work.

Why is that ?

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5 Steps to Stop Overwhelm

 Ever found your day out of control? Everyone is off home and you have a stack of work to finish still? Not finished that important client report from last week but helped the walk in clients today? Late for the school concert to see your child?

Welcome to the world of overwhelm. Also the world of low productivity, poor performance and broken promises.

Read the full article to find out how You could use  5 Steps to Help Stop Overwhelm at home, in the workplace or in life.

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One Thing a Leader Should Do

Ever wondered why your relationships keep breaking down with family, team, clients, suppliers and associates ?

in business to you long to end a repeated cycle of boom and bust, good times followed by bad times?

What should a leader do to build a family or team that grows and she is happy with?

In this blog article ProACT Sam suggests one thing a leader should do. Click to read the full article.  

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5 Steps to Making the Right Choices in Life

ProACT sam offers a framework to guide us in our personal, family and work Life. 5 Steps to Making the Right Choices in Life. 


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Traditional Values Work in the New Way

 Traditional Values Work

Giving great customer service and value is the way to build a great client bank.

 You don’t need to deliver your product by boat from London to New York.

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Chez Nous - 3 Principles That Help a Work Family Feel at Home

Every Person in a Team has a Responsibility to Make Decisions


The hotel manager is an important role  

 The hotel manager doesn’t make all the decisions. She has a reception manager, a head chef, a housekeeping manager, a spa manager, a restaurant manager.

Each of these managers have an important role and they have responsibility...

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