How to Stop Being Stuck

 How to Stop Being Stuck

Clear the Path. Move Forward

Have you ever felt stuck where you are ? With a diy job. In a work project.  With a relationship. Revising an exam? What to wear?

We all come up against these dilemmas. Many times I am working away at a spreadsheet and just can’t get to the answers I want. What to do?

What to Do?

In a work task situation I usually take it as a sign to take a break. Get up. Walk around. Go outside. Drink water. Talk to colleagues. Take a moment.

Anything to get my mind off the task, to allow my body and mind to catch up and calm down.

In sports games you often hear that a team needs to get to half time to take a break and regroup. Sometimes they can come out a team of stunningly different performance.

When you are in a difficult discussion in a relationship and everyone is getting anxious and tempers frayed, then taking a break before continuing the discussions can allow a different understanding of the situation.

What happens is that barriers are being broken. Whether the fence blocking the way is in our mind, within the team dynamic, or in the relationship between two people, there is an obstacle blocking the path to move forward as an individual, team or in a relationship or negotiation.

By taking a break, a period of reflection we can declutter and get rid of the obstacles in our thinking that create false barriers to make our way.

Move Forward

Once we reflect, we listen and understand the other persons point of view, we understand how the other team are approaching the game and where we want to get to, then, we can find a way to move forward. 

There is always a way forward, maybe a third way, but a way for you, your team and your relationships to move forward , to make your way in the world.

Clear the Path. Move Forward


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