5 Steps to Stop Overwhelm

 Ever found your day out of control? Everyone is off home and you have a stack of work to finish still? Not finished that important client report from last week but helped the walk in clients today? Late for the school concert to see your child?

World of Overwhelm  

Welcome to the world of overwhelm. Also the world of low productivity, poor performance and broken promises.

Time Limit 

You can’t do it all. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Take off 8 hours for sleep that’s 16 hours for family, exercise, work and you.

If you have a family day out planned don’t let anything interrupt.

At work you would not stop a client meeting for a walk in? Why would you let a phone call or email or social media interrupt your report writing ?

Here’s 5 Steps to Stop Overwhelm.

 Here’s 5 Steps to Stop Overwhelm.
1. Schedule your time today, this week. Why not schedule this month, the quarter, or this year?  Decide how you will spend each hour of your day. Do that.
2. Say No. To any distraction. Don’t read emails when you have a meeting to prepare. Don’t allow office distractions stop you making your call on time. Don’t dare look at social media and lose 20 minutes to someone’s rabbit ear photo.

3. Say No to disturbances when you are asked to help someone else’s project. This is not callous. Of course we help others where and when we can. But a colleague or client who had not prepared properly or wants you to prepare their work for them, maybe because they have delayed preparing them selves, should not deflect from your work.

Get your work done first. And if that means you have no time to consider their request for a week or a month or a year so be it. 

You are better served honouring your commitments to the people you promised your time and attention. Be they your partner, family, clients or team. 

4. Take a break every 50 minutes or so. Work in 50 minute shifts. And really go at it. No distraction. No one else’s work. Do your stuff, meet you commitments. Then take a break for 5-15 minutes. Get up, walk, talk, drink, go outside. Think like a Pro footballer take your half time break to reset mind body soul and prepare for the next 50 minute blast.

5. Stop on time. Don’t overrun. Do your best. Do what you can. Report back.  If you overcommitted the work load for the time allowed, learn your lesson. If you ask your loved ones, clients or team for more time they will be happy for best efforts.


Understand our time each day is limited. Our lifespan is limited. Everyday is a struggle for everyone, don’t think you are special. All one person can do is their best to progress today - be happy with that.

Don’t let overwhelm let you miss the moments with your loved ones, your exercise program, and the world around you. You are blessed to be given a new day. Live and love every moment.

Here’s 5 Steps to Stop Overwhelm.

  1. Schedule Time
  2. No Distractions
  3. No Disturbances
  4. Take Breaks every 50 minutes
  5. Stop on Time


Overwhelm is Managed by Saying No



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