10 Steps to Greatness Through New Habits



10 Steps to Greatness Through New Habits

Ever sought inspiration? Ever wondered how does she do it ? Are you concerned that you can’t get ahead, that you are stuck in a routine and being held back ?

We all have these moments. At these times we could stand back and reflect. In that reflection, when we pay attention we can start to find a new way forward.

Daily Habits

When you make a cup of tea at home you do it pretty routinely. At a friends house it’s not so easy as you search for water,tap, spoons, cupboards, milk and get the kettle to work.

Most of our lives are much easier than that because allot of our daily activities are routines, learned habit behaviours.

These are great. They save us the high energy practice of having to think about it. Humans run on the subconscious for 80% of our daily activities.

Why ?

Conscious thought and actions demand allot of our brain and body which limit time, energy and stamina available. A sprinter can go flat out for maybe a minute, a rhythmic long distance runner a marathon. A sportsman or office worker can go at it for 45 minutes or so before needing a break.

Good Habits and Routines

If conscious thought and actions are slower, require more energy, and may not give us consistent results then how can we get ahead faster?

Consider Embracing a life of habit and routine. We already know that humans survive on habits and routines, whether driving a car, walking to school, or doing our job.

Habits and routines give us the life we have. The Life we have today is the result of the habits and routines we have used so far.

What If ?

What if we changed those habits, adding and building new routines that would allow us to learn and grow. To practice new skills, in new ways. To spend more and better time with our family. To get more done at work, quicker and go home on time. To build our fitness and strength to a higher level and increase our vitality energy and longevity.


Imagine the greatest you. The person you dream of becoming. In work, as a parent, in the community, as an athlete, in a relationship, as a boss.

What are the habits and routines of the greats in any field? What do the top business people in your field do? What routines do close families follow? What habits do loving couples practice ?




Creating new habits and routines is hard. To start with its not a habit, that means it is consciously hard practice, with your old habits pulling you back.

It takes around 60 days to wire into your brain and fully learn that habit and routine.

It will be messy during this time as you consciously fight your old routines and create the new habits.

But you can.

You do at school. In a new relationship. In a new job. With a new child. We take on new habits and routines all the time.

If we commit to the new way then a new habit can be created.



10 Steps to Greatness Through New habits

  1. What is the greatest you you can imagine ?
  2. Who are your hero’s with the skills you want to attain?
  3. What are the good habits they practice ?
  4. What routines serve them well ?
  5. What 5 good habits and routines could you adopt?
  6. Describe in one sentence what the benefit will be from each new habit
  7. Commit to practice each new habit for 60 days
  8. Schedule a time each day to practice the new habit. For 60 days
  9. Tell everyone what you are doing - yourself, your family, your colleagues, strangers. Openly commit to your new habits and greatness.
  10. Keep score -get to 60.

Tell me

Then let me know. I want to here from you. What 5 new habits will inspire greatness in you ?

How are you doing ?

Shout out when you get to 60 days. We will feature your greatness and achievement.


Commit To

Daily Habits That

Inspire Greatness



I Commit To the Daily Habits That Inspire on me Greatness



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