Protect Your Family Home Living and Working Abroad

Protect Your Family Home Living and Working Abroad

With a few steps you can protect your Family overseas property from death, taxes and changing circumstances.

Life teaches us that things will change.  We grow older, the family needs evolve, work commitments change, health care matters more.  We can look forward and make plans to protect the family and your overseas property , business and investments. Better this that unexpected changes forcing sudden change, and expense that often come with tax bills and ownership issues.

Make a Will Trust to Protect Overseas Property Investment

Make a Will and Trust your family and friends to protect your assets on death.  A Family Trust avoids local laws of succession. By creating a Family Trust today for Overseas Property Investment you could also make tax savings in capital gains, inheritance tax and property transfer taxes.

Look Forward – Plan Ahead

Overseas Property Investment is a dream but can become a better investment with lower property taxes.  ProACT can offer help and guidance for Expats.

Asset Protection is about looking forward to make an exit strategy for tax savings and lower costs. ProACT expat experts offer tax saving for people living and working and investing abroad. Find out more at our website.


ProACT Expat Experts offer review meetings for protecting your Family home and tax saving for people living and working and investing abroad. Find out more at our website. CONTACT US  We value your feedback, please comment and share on our articles on our website

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