Are You a Roundy or a Squary?

In 1975 Roger HARGREAVES , the English creator of the Mr Men came up with a short series of books asking ‘Are You a Roundy or a Squary?’

In a very visual and simple way the story asks are you a well rounded and balanced individual, happy, content and forward looking, or someone who is boxed in, frustrated, focusing what the world does to them.

Question in Time


This a question as old as time for humans. It is easy to point the finger of blame at anyone available, to make excuses for your lot, for not venturing out of your comfort zone. 

We could choose to enjoy the moment, learn as we progress, knowing that we are responsible for the steps forward we take each day, and if we share the joy of the achievements and success of the people in your world. 

No Limits

Whether we are aged  2, 16, 48 or 86 we could all be reminded of and learn these simple lessons.

For all we have is today. We have dreams to grow and explore our world in the future and the first step toward them is what we do today.

How we treat ourselves, our family, our team, our work our community.

So today, will you be a Roundy or a Squary?


Are You a Roundy or a Squary?



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