Understand the Journey those Around You are Making

 Have you ever felt frustrated by those around you ?

That they don’t understand your message, what you want ?

That they don’t understand the pressure you are under at this time ?

We all hit this roadblock at some point. While a toddler, with a parent, teacher or boss. Do we learn from it ?


If you want to influence people,  have them come along your road, share your journey then, first,  you must ask questions.

While your primary concern may be your self interest, no one else in this world is concerned with that. Everyone in this world is like you, with their own concerns and issues with their self, family, work and finances.

Where are they on their journey ? Until you understand that, there is little hope they will be interested in you and yours.

Question Yourself

Put yourself in their position by asking questions of others and listening to the answers.  By seeking to understand the other persons point of view you could build empathy and understanding of where they are on their journey.

Then you have the foundations of a relationships.

Mutual Understanding

By understanding others’ journey there is scope to find common ground. To find where their interests align with yours and where the two paths could come together.

Any relationship - personal, family, work, community - seeks a common ground, a common set of interests, beliefs, values or needs to allow each individual to continue on their journey and help you along yours.  

First Step

First seek to understand the people in your world. Ask questions and listen to the answers, gain empathy and understanding of the other persons journey. Their road, where they are, what’s important, what help they need.

In doing so you start to build bonds and relationships, journeys become connected in key ways. Your family, team, and community will grow stronger.

Only if first you understand.

Understand the Journey those Around You are Making





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